The Reluctant Hero Part V

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We took the two bundles of wood back to the fire as saw that Terrell and Nicki had not yet returned. We decided to continue our search for more firewood and we collected several more bundles and had a large pile of wood when we heard the Seadoo return. It was a warm night so we did not stoke the fire very high for present. We spread out the blankets and sleeping bags and Nicki said,

“We are going for a swim, want to join us?”

We hesitated and I was just beginning to think that skinny dipping might be fun when Patti answered,

“I believe we will pass and just sit by the fire and drink some more wine.”

“Suit yourself,” Nicki said, as Terrell and her disappeared in the direction of the sound of the surf.

After they had been gone for a few minutes it was clear why Central Patti had so hurriedly declined the invitation. I was looking up at the tens of thousands of beautiful stars in the sky when I looked back earthward she was standing naked in front of me, fire silhouetting her body.

After, as we lay together I said, “Thank you.”

Patti, half asleep gave a chuckle and I thought as I drifted off to sleep how luck I was and what a great vacation this was.

I awoke the next morning a little chilly as the fire was almost out. Apparently Terrell or Nicki had stoked it before turning in as they lie asleep on the other side of the fire, in each others arms. I tossed some more wood on the embers quietly so not to wake the others. I decided to take a walk around the island only to find there was not much to see. When I returned the others were awake and Terrell was making coffee on the fire.

“Not much to eat except some fruit, but that should tide us over until we get back and have some brunch,” said Terrell.

Continuing Terrell stated “I have some business to attend to late this afternoon so the three of you will have to dine this evening without me.”

“I think we can mange,” I replied.

We finished our coffee, had some fruit, loaded the Seadoos and headed back to the boat. It did not take long to unload the supplies and put the Seadoos back on the lift and were shortly underway. We sunned ourselves and drank bloody mary’s and screw drivers on the way back and simply enjoyed the ride.

Once docked Terrell had Luis unload, clean and refuel the boat as Terrell would need to use it again for business after lunch. The girls were planning on going into town shopping and I decided I wanted to look around a little and do some hiking.

We dined quickly on sandwiches and salad and we all went our separate ways. I waved as Terrell pulled away on the boat and I wandered up the coast for about a mile. About this time I cam upon a small cove with a high bank. The neat thing was that the stone son the bank had fallen in nice neat stacks of descending height just like steps. At the bottom I spied a large rubber alligator upside-down in the water. Remembering the days at the lake in Missouri and how cool it was having blow up animals in the harbor I decided to climb down and walk the steps that nature had provided and to retrieve the large toy. The stacked stone steps were remarkably stable and I had navigated the first four with no issues. The fifth step was within an arms reach of the big toy and as my foot hit the last step it gave way and I almost lost my balance and narrowly avoided falling into the water. I caught my balance and managed to stay on the fourth step as the fifth fell into the water with a loud splash. Much to my surprise, shock and relief the “rubber” alligator turned over onto it’s belly and swam away. I started to tremble and shake and had to steady myself on the fourth step while holding onto the bank of the shore. After awhile and gaining composure I walked back to the house thinking how lucky I had been.

Arriving at the house Luis informed me the girls were still shopping and were not going to return until after the dinner hour.

“Terrell will not return until late and has instructed both Maria and I to prepare dinner for you,” Said Luis, “What would you like?”

I replied, “How about a simple steak sandwich and a Martini or two or ten?”

Luis mixed me a martini and Maria prepared a plate of sandwiches and a pasta salad as a side. I dined alone on the patio and enjoyed many, many Martini’s until dozing off in the lounge chair.

I was waken several hours later by the silence of the night. What time was it I wondered? The house was dark, but illuminated just enough to make my way up the stairs to the guest suite. Upon entering I realized that the silence that woke me was also in this room as it was much two quiet. I looked at the clock on the bed stand and it read 1:00 A.M. Ok, where was Patti and for that matter why the entire house so quiet.

It would not take long to find out.

This is Part 5 of the Reluctant Hero, the continuing Adventures of the Professor and Central Patti. Look for Conclusion of the Reluctant Hero coming in December and do not forget to continue to follow MySideOfTheBar for more information on all things related to, well My Side of the Bar.



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