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63 Bars in 30 Days

As most of my tens of readers know Central Patti and I just spent a month in Key West. Most people don't know it but Key West is a very small island and is only 4 miles long by 2 miles wide. On this small "Rock" are 360 bars/pubs/restaurants. We managed to hit 63 different ones in a month (several of them 2 or 3 times) and here are some highlights.

We had Sloppy Joe's at Sloppy Joe's and Margaritas at Margaritaville. We had a great lobster roll at DJ's Clam shack and found an excellent pool bar in Dante's.

The White Tarpon - Great Happy Hour Specials. Peel and eat shrimp, oysters, and quesadillas. They also server Key Lime Pie Martini's as fast as they make them.

The 2 Cent Bar - Another great happy hour stop. Happy hour starts at 4 and at o'clock on the nose a small bucket of bacon appears in front of you.

You pick your happy hour drink and then roll the dice. 

a 1 = $1 a 2 = $2 a 3 = gets  you half off 4 - 6 is full price
They also have an excell…

They Called Him One...

Well we will get to that later. Shawn Sullivan A.K.A Sully, only about two years apart in age, however running in the same circles we seemed to always be on opposite sites in sports. He was a guard in basketball and I was a small forward/guard and we always seem to have the job of guarding each other. Sometimes it was not pretty as we spent a lot of time pushing and shoving and fouling each other, however after the game we could enjoy a beer together and swap stories of our individual triumphs.
In the summer, we played rec league softball on opposite teams. Sully played short stop on a team sponsored by a national fast food restaurant that may or may not have served a Big MAC, or was in the Big Mic? I played short stop for a team sponsored by a small-town insurance company.  
Over the years, we became very good friends and enjoyed the rivalry of our athletics as well as simply hanging out.  While I could not help Sully much with his insurance needs, Sully was most helpful at making m…