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The Reluctant Hero Part V

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We took the two bundles of wood back to the fire as saw that Terrell and Nicki had not yet returned. We decided to continue our search for more firewood and we collected several more bundles and had a large pile of wood when we heard the Seadoo return. It was a warm night so we did not stoke the fire very high for present. We spread out the blankets and sleeping bags and Nicki said,

“We are going for a swim, want to join us?”

We hesitated and I was just beginning to think that skinny dipping might be fun when Patti answered,

“I believe we will pass and just sit by the fire and drink some more wine.”

“Suit yourself,” Nicki said, as Terrell and her disappeared in the direction of the sound of the surf.

After they had been gone for a few minutes it was clear why Central Patti had so hurriedly declined the invitation. I was looking up at the tens of thousands of b…

The Renaissance Festival

Gather round you Maids, Mistresses, Sirs, Lords and Lasses as we took the chance to carouse at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this harvest and dry and parch'd tankard.

Yes we had the good fortune to take MySideOfTheBar to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this fall and had a wonderful time stepping back into the days of yore.

The festival runs for 7 weekends (Labor Day to Columbus Day) and each weekend has a different theme. The Festival includes 20 Entertainment Venues, live armored jousting, Food and Drink Fit for a King, over 100 artisan booths and a great way to spend a day.

This was our third year and we always start the day off by visiting the booth of Captain Goldtooth to pick up a tankard or a wine glass to use as we explore the festival. Or course we have to stop at one of the many pubs and pick up some grog or ale.

Our favorite watering hole at the Ren Fest is the Canterbury Inn which is an open air pub that also hosts a small bar top humidor and covered patio wh…

Fall Walkabout and Fountain Crawl

With all that has been happening here at MySideOfTheBar this fall such as Renaissance Festivals, Sock Ops, Fishing Tournaments and yes lets not forget the fourth coming “The Reluctant Hero Part V we decided to take last weekend and not do much of anything.

Central Patti and I have been talking about creating our own picture book of all the fountains in Kansas City. In case you did not know it Kansas City is know as the City of Fountains and ranks second to only Rome for number of fountains.

We started the day by stopping at O’Dowd’s Little Dublin on the Plaza to enjoy the 85+ temps on the great roof top patio with a couple of drinks.

We then stopped to take several pictures along the way to our next stop at Figilos for a few more drinks and a couple of appetizers. We were fortunate to hit there right at happy hour; and their happy hour menu is great. All well drinks are 3$$ and all happy hour menu items are only 5$$. We had an order of Calamari and an order of Italian Meatballs. Both wer…

The K.C. Cigar Fest

A few weeks back we attended the First Annual Kansas City Cigar Festival. This was the first time we had attended a Cigar Festival and we had a great time.

The event was sponsored by Fidel’s Cigar Shop in Westport and took place in the “Back Yard” at the Beaumount Club in Westport. Tickets were 45.00 dollars in advanced and while this sounded like a lot of money it turned out to not only a great way to spend an afternoon, but a great value as well.

Included in with you ticket you gained entry to the festival, two drink tickets for a beverage of your choice, a package of premium cigars valued at around 30.00 dollars (maybe more) and a raffle ticket. They held many, may raffles and the prizes ranged from ashtrays to a CAO electric guitar valued at 600.00 dollars.

Contest were held for the fastest smoke, best smoke rings and longest ash. The fastest smoke was hilarious to watch as the contestants all had to use the official cigar which was a Oliva Gigante(8 X 52). The winner smoked this gia…