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Henry Clay Stalk Cut

I learned about this stick about a month or so back while at a Cigar event. A couple of weeks ago a KCTobacPack member (B.F.) was kind enough to give me a stick so I thought I would give it a review.

For those of us not familiar with what "Stalk Cut" is (I had to look it up myself) Stalk cutting is a process whereby the entire tobacco plant is cut at the base and hung by its stalk to cure in a barn. This process allows the tobacco to retain the nutrients from the stalk and imparts a richer and earthier flavor profile.

When first lighting this cigar it is very, very mild. In fact so mild to me I was a little disappointed, that is until I was about half way through the stick. While still a little mild for my taste, the flavor came alive in the second half with lots of spice.

To be fair I will need to try at least another for comparison (the one I had was the Toro) and at the price of about $6 - $9 a stick I would say give one a try.

The Professor

This Always Pisses Me Off ETAL

Ok, just a few quick posts. This morning I had one of the worst Bloody Marys of all time at McFaddens while waiting for Central Patti to run a 12 K (whatever a K is) They use Mr T's Bloody Mary mix or something like that. Why not just give up if all you can do when  you make a Bloody Mary is use a crap mix That is really lazy and shows no respect for your customers. I have ranted on this before, but had to vent again. The only good/acceptable mixers for a Bloody Mary is Tabasco or 7 Pepper. Every thing else just plan sucks. Buy some tomato juice and you have all the spices you ever need in your refrigerator and cupboard.

Also while I am ragging on McFaddens they do not even carry grapefruit for a Greyhound. WTF? Now on the plus side, they have hot bartenders and waitresses in very nice outfits complete with high socks.

Now on the flip side, the Westin at Crown Center makes their Bloody Mary's from scratch (I watched them make it) and put use Spicy V8 for their base. A very bol…

New Contest

A quick on this post. In the picture below

You will see two stacks of cigar boxes. Comment with the total height of both stacks of boxes and win a prize especially selected for you.

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