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The Tonic

One of our favorite pass times  here @mysideofthebar is to travel and try different bars, pubs and eating establishments.

This past weekend Central Patti and I were in Des Moines Iowa and looking for a place to enjoy a Cigar. Our bartender Nick at the downtown Marriott (by the way Nick was an exceptional bartender) told us of a "rumor" that this bar on Court Ave, The Tonic would allow smoking on their patio.

Well he was right, not only did they have a great establishment with a great Whiskey selection, they had a cabinet humidor. Kyle took great care of us and we enjoyed several drinks as well as a couple of fine cigars.

In fact we liked it so much we went back the next night and took a couple of friends.

The Professor

Fucking Z!

So as you have probably noticed I have been quiet for a couple of weeks enjoying the last 19 days OTR. Over the holiday Central Patti and I were set to walk to breakfast with a couple of the "New Usual Suspects". The canceled at the last hour (to be fair we were imbibing very late (or early) the night/morning before) and I said to Central Patti

"Lets walk anyway, like the ole days"

To which she replied, "Really? Fucking A, B, C, D!"

Now I had been hearing and using the phase "Fucking A" since the early 70's as I am sure you have. (provided you are old enough to remember the 70's) and I have used and heard the phrase "Fucking A, B, C, D for years as well.

However as Central Patti used the phrase I responded to her,

"Fucking Z!"

She looked at me with a quizzical look saying,


"I said well for years the Fucking alphabet has only included A, B, C and D at the most. What about Z!"

To which she replied…

Bulleit Bourbon Part II

This is the second part of Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey 10 Year.

A History of the Family and Frontier Whiskey (as Told by Tom Bulleit)

My great great grandfather was Augustus Bulleit who left France for New Orleans in 1800, just three years before the Louisiana Purchase. He was an adventurous soul and left little record of his early years. But it is known that he traveled by flat boat up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers from New Orleans, where he worked his way into the whiskey business.

The Frontier Spirit

In those days the frontier was just down the road. It was full of danger and dare, hard work and hardship. It was a period that shaped the spirit and character of our nation. It gave us smile lines and great stories, but also a few grey hairs. And as these brave souls moved west, legend has it that my great, great grandfather's bourbon traveled with them.

My Old Kentucky Home

My wife Becky is descended from her namesake, Elizabeth Callaway, who was kidnapped during the Revoluti…