Gato Village Pocket Park

So it is no secret that MySideOfTheBar was on the Rock for the  month of march. I am hoping to recap a few places of interest that we visited. The Gato Village Pocket Park is one such place.

You are probably wondering what a Pocket Park is? (I know I did) Well simply put a Pocket Park is a small green space that has been set aside for public enjoyment.

We were listening to Pirate Radio one morning and found out they had a fund raiser, coincidentally enough on a Whiskey Wednesday at this Pocket Park. The fund raiser was to raise money to pay for the recently refurbished giant cigar sculpture. 

Need I say more? No, but I will anyway :) We arrived a little late for the free cigars

but did get to sample some of my favorite rum from the Key West Distillery that produces what I think is the best rum on the island (or anywhere else for that matter), Pappa's Pillar.

But I digress: The Gatto Pocket Park is This park has a special history as it was part of a unique community of employee hou…

Tired of Hearing about the Blue Heaven

After spending 66 days in Key West in the last year I am growing tired of hearing people say, "You have to go to the Blue Heaven!" Yes while it is a cool  place, it simply is not worth going to more than once. The prices and the waiting, not to mention cocktails that are phoned in. So with that in mind here are 5 places worth visiting over the Blue Heaven for fine dining while on the Rock.

5. The Commodore Waterfront Restaurant - While it is true the outside seating is limited the food here is excellent. Service is also a priority at the Commodore. In addition the wharf in Key West provides some excellent scenery.

4. Latrattoria in Old Town - The only reason this establishment was not higher on the list is because we have only visited it once. The bartender recommended the snapper and the hog fish and since she made an excellent Old Fashioned we took her advice. We were NOT disappointed. While you do not have the views here as with the other restaurants, it is cool sitting o…

The Jessica Rabbit Cocktail

I discovered this Cocktail from a link to another link :) Kind of like I know a guy who knows a guy. But hey, most things you find online are like this, right?

Anyway I was very surprised on how great this Cocktail was and would make a great addition to your next A.M. Cocktail Party.


1 1/2 oz Tequila (I used Reposado)
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 oz Carrot Juice
1 oz Orange Juice
1/2 oz. Cilantro Simple Syrup*
3 Slices Jalapeno Pepper

Rub a lime wedge on the outside of a Collins Glass and coat with kosher salt
Add ingredients to a shaker with ice an shake well
Strain into Collins Glass
Garnish with a lime wedge

*Cilantro Simple Syrup. Just make a batch of simple syrup and muddle in a handful of cilantro.

I could not find carrot juice and was not really sure I would like it anyway so I used V8 Juice. I also recommend using more V8 and skipping the Cointreau. Otherwise it was a great morning cocktail and will be a great addition to my next book.

The Professor

Bloody Mary Mixes

As most of you know that follow this blog or imbibe at MySideOfTheBar I do not like the use of Bloody Mary Mixes. When I see a bar use them I just think they are being lazy. However, there are times when they make sense. When traveling is the main time I use them and yes they are convenient.  As MySideOfTheBar has been on the road for a large part of the last year I thought it would be a good time to share some of the ones I have found that will do in  your travels.

The latest is this

Jack's Smokey Marty Mix - Brought to you by Jack Stacks BBQ of Kansas City. This is a mild mix that in my opinion needs more spice. While it does have a nice flavor and a smoke taste it falls a little short in my opinion. Adding a hot sauce to it could be that answer.

Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Mixer Bloody Mary Sriracha - This is an excellent mix and as you may expect that a nice spice. Also has other ingredients like Worcester Sauce that would expect in a high end Bloody Mary Mix.

I have blogged…

S.D. Strong Distilling

Made in a Cave

Just before the holidays a new member of the KCTobacPack brought us a couple of offerings from the S.D. Strong Distillery.

Now to be honest this is one distillery that I had not heard much about. They advertise as "made in a cave" and my the looks of the website this is true. While I plan on a future outing to this distillery, I can tell you that for the Big Boom Bourbon they advertise as such

"After nearly three years in American white oak barrels, Big Boom bursts with spice, fresh oak and soft corn notes, all underscored by a rich layer of caramel"

I find this to be extremely accurate and I could have written exactly as they did after tasting. I would rate this slightly better that the Restless Distillery Whiskey that I recently tried and much, much better than the Badlands Whiskey I tried earlier this year.

For the Vodka you also get a light corn flavor and according to MySideOfTheBars resident Martini expert, "It makes an excellent Martini.&…

Bartender's Brand Mix

Or as I like to call them "Bartender's Friends). With the Holiday Season once again upon us I thought you might be interested in a little item that will make you a hit at YourSideOfTheBar with you group of "Usual Suspects."

These are great and very easy for making top shelf Cocktails. Each box contains 8 packets and you mix one packet with 1 1/2 oz. alcohol and 1 1/2 oz water. Shake in a Cocktail Shaker and pour into your favorite glass.

Tip: I use 4 oz. of alcohol and 3 oz. water which makes about two cocktails and still very tasty.

I have only tried the Whisky Sour, Lemon Drop, and Margarita as in the picture. (there is also a daiquiri mix) but have received great feedback from my "Usual Suspects." Priced at about a dollar each they are more expensive than you normal mixes, but in my opinion are worth the little extra.

Check you local liquor store and they are also available online (Amazon)

The Professor

CI's Top 10 New Cigars of 2017- Cigars International

I have tried about half of these and for the most part agree. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your Cigar Smoker, start here.

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