Ode to Drinking Whiskey

Ode to Drinking Whiskey
If I could have one then I would be fine
Two would suffice and I would stay in line
Three always makes me feel grand
Four makes it a little hard to stand
Five and I really feel alive
Six and I really start to thrive
Seven is where things start to blur
Eight and I start to slur
Nine drinks and I always say I will abstain

Ten I fall asleep and dream of starting over again
Cheers The Professor

The Oldies Station

I was sitting here @MySideOfTheBar drinking Bourbon and listening to the 70's station.

Boston - More than a Feeling
Fleetwood Mac - Say that you Love Me
Charlie Daniels - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

As I was getting my grove on I realized that this station to the kids of today is as much of an oldies station as the 50's and 60's stations I listened to as a kid. So my question is, "When the hell did I get old?"

I know that 50 is far in my tail lights and 60 is the second off ramp ahead, but still. I am beginning to remember why I drink.

Speaking of remembering, it seems the older I get the more I forget. Now this does not mean my memory is going it is just that the older I get the more there is to remember.

Now what was I talking about?

The Professor

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Another Bloody Mary Mix

As most of my 10's of readers know I believe anyone or any bar that uses a store bought bloody mary mix is simply being lazy. However, I do feel it is my place to review any new mixes I find from time to time.

Here are my latest discoveries:

The first is from the Kansas City Canning Co. "Pickled Bloody Mary Mix" While it works well in a bloody mary, this mix simply does not have any defining characteristics. You could grab some tomato juice and any spices you have on hand and make a bloody mary just as good if not better.

The second, however is one of the best premixes I have every had. It is simply called "Bloody Mary Mix."  This mix has a great combination of flavors and just the right amount of spices. It comes from the Preservation Canning Company our of Sacramento Calf.

One thing both companies have in common is you can purchase both at the Better Cheddar on the Plaza in KC.  and both have many great items to garnish/enhance your morning cocktails.

Pick up…

4th of July Pub Crawl

This was a first for Central Patti and I. We usually waste the day sitting by the pool at MySideOfTheBarATL, however this year we had something else in mind.

We started the day with a charity 4 mile walk/run for the Children's Shriner's Hospital here in KC.

Which would have been a whole lot more fun if it had not rained 2 1/2 inches while we participated. We both managed to finish and did enjoy our root-beer float at the end despite the pelting rain.
Once we both showered and had a Bloody Mary we were off to our first stop,  Seasons 52 on the KC Plaza. This has long been a favorite stop for us and this day was no different.
Central Patti enjoyed a glass of wine and I tried the Grapefruit Negroni.
We also enjoyed some Lobster Flatbread and Southern Shrimp and Grits, both absolutely fantastic.
Next it was on to Coopers Hawk for a few more drinks.
Then on to  Westport to the home away from home of MySideOfTheBars. Kelly's Westport Inn for a Cigar and a few beers. 

The Tobacp…

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I get this question a lot.

The Professor