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Bring Back the Home Cocktail Party, Martini or Happy Hour

I ran across this idea a week or so back and thought I would provide my own twist to it. Not that this is anything that new for us and if you are a "Usual Suspect" you have been to many of my Martini Hours.

So here are my reasons to bring back home Cocktail Parties as opposed to going out.

1. You get to pick the group of individuals you want around when you are drinking. If you have been out to many bars lately you know what I am talking about. You don't have to worry about loud obnoxious individuals spilling drinks on you. (Hopefully ;) )

2. No lines at the bathroom. Well maybe a short wait and hopefully not following C.O. in line

3. You get to control the music selection and volume. Nothing is more annoying than music so loud you can not have a conversation. You may need to have someone watch the stereo and hopefully they won't get jiggy with it.

4. You get to use all the glass ware you have been collecting for years.

5. You get to show off your Mixology Skills! To …