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The Challenge of Stocking a Bar - Part 2

You will recall in Part 1 of The Challenge of Stocking a Bar I covered Vodka. In the second part of this series I will take a look at Gin.

When stocking Gin for your bar you will consider the same two points as you do when choosing Vodka.

1. Gin for mixed drinks
2. Gin for Martini's

There is a slight difference as Gin does have a distinct taste as opposed to Vodka. Most individuals that enjoy Gin Cocktails like the different botanical flavors you get from Gin.

There are two main schools of Gin, London Gin and Holland Gin. The differences between between the two are very distinctive so you will want to know these differences before making Gin cocktails.

Learn the differences here: Gin

So here are a few choices to get you started stocking your bar with Gin.

For Mixing Cocktails:

Burnett's: Burnett's is a true London Distilled Dry Gin, produced according to the original recipe perfected by Sir Robert Burnett in 1770. Boasting exceptional British character, Burnett's is a…

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