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Whiskey Wednesday Goes to the Dogs

The second post for the Epic Summer is on Whiskey Wednesday @mysideofthebarATL. Now while true this is not the first #WW ATL it was the largest.

We had a lot of great food and if I could remember everything I would list it. However, this dish was awesome.

We also played bags and S.M. and I were undefeatable

and on top of a great night it all went to the dogs when we allowed the pooches to invade the parkade.

The Professor

The End of the Season

Well as most of you know we spend most of our summer @MySideOfTheBarATL (At the Lake) and this summer was no different. A great summer indeed and some may even call it Epic.

I want to thank all who participated for all the good times and all the places we visited (no less than 8 bars)

Big thanks to S. and C. O. for all the boat rides. S and S. M. for doing most of the baby sitting while I was by myself a few weeks. D and D G for the sunset deck parties. (one of which was not that Epic, however what happens at a deck party stays at the deck party) and all the rest of the Usual and some Unusual suspects for this Epic summer.

I thought it may be fun to do a little recap in the next few weeks to show just how Epic a summer it was.

The season started early this year as May was a wonderful month weather wise. The first outing was on Wave Runners to the Shady Gator with S and C O.   We have been to the Gator many times over the years and the place has not changed that much. Good food and shi…