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A Spittoon and a Blanket

Yes, what I really meant was a chamber pot; however at one in the morning staging down the long dim hallway with the creaky wooden floors and facing the long stairway down to the bathroom spittoon was all I could think of.

The evening started innocent enough as we were traversing the interstate from K.C. MO to NW Iowa for a visit. I did not have a drink until after 5:00 and I was not driving, but as usually I never went anywhere without my trusty ten shot flask. That day it was loaded with Buffalo Trace Bourbon. By the way it had been awhile since I had imbibed in Buffalo Trace and I had forgotten how good it was. We arrived at the farm and continued happy hour. As the night progressed I opened the new bottle of Four Roses (the official Bourbon of MySideOfTheBar) that Central Patti had purchased as part of a case and kept drinking throughout the night.

As the night progressed and the bottle emptied we headed up the afore mentioned stairs and to bed. I woke a couple of hours later and…

Prom Night

Last weekend Central Patti and I were out on the town and it was hard to miss that it was prom season. All the young adults were out in all their full dress glory riding around in the Limos and eating at some of the finer establishments in Kansas City

I could not help but comment that for one, when I was that age I could not have afforded to rent a Limo or to eat in any of the establishments that we watched the kids go in and out of. I seem to remember that working part time in high school I made something like a dollar and a quarter an hour.

Secondly, while I did not have a lot of spending money the one difference between me at that age and these kids was I could drink in bars! I know most of you are saying what the hell? But that is how different the times were when I was a senor in high school I turned 18 in October of my senior year and I could legally enter and drink in bars in the state of Iowa.

I know you may not believe this as do most of the younger bar flies and colleagues …

Reasons to Drink, or Not

With one of the life changing events taking place in the last couple of weeks I had some time to reflect and ponder the reason to drink. As with all reasons there are good reasons and bad reasons. For example, reasons to exercise. Weight loss and overall health benefits to name two, would be considered good reasons. Reasons not to drink, being lazy or bad weather or too busy could be considered bad reasons.

In the following I will leave it to you to determine if these are good or bad reasons or even excuses to drink.

Reasons to Drink

Well I just plain enjoy drinking! I like the taste of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee, and Irish Whiskeys. I like red, white, dry, sweet and sparkling Wine. I like Vodka, Gin, Tequila and the tastes of many other varieties of alcohols. I enjoy any cocktail made from any of the above alcohols.

I like the way drinking makes me feel. For example when drinking a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan or Martini I sit and feel as if I am back in the 60’s in som…