Reasons to Drink, or Not

With one of the life changing events taking place in the last couple of weeks I had some time to reflect and ponder the reason to drink. As with all reasons there are good reasons and bad reasons. For example, reasons to exercise. Weight loss and overall health benefits to name two, would be considered good reasons. Reasons not to drink, being lazy or bad weather or too busy could be considered bad reasons.

In the following I will leave it to you to determine if these are good or bad reasons or even excuses to drink.

Reasons to Drink

Well I just plain enjoy drinking! I like the taste of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee, and Irish Whiskeys. I like red, white, dry, sweet and sparkling Wine. I like Vodka, Gin, Tequila and the tastes of many other varieties of alcohols. I enjoy any cocktail made from any of the above alcohols.

I like the way drinking makes me feel. For example when drinking a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan or Martini I sit and feel as if I am back in the 60’s in some exotic lounge listening to Sinatra. Imagining myself in a tux in a nightclub in Vegas watching the Rat Pack perform one of their famous shows.

I drink because to a certain extent, drinking helps me to relax and unwind.

I like to drink because; well I am good at it. I can drink for hours without any ill effects (to date). I do not get hangovers, I do not miss work, I do not abuse family members and I never, ever drive after drinking.

I like going out to clubs, pubs, lounges and bars. I love live music; I love people watching and conversation with other patrons of the clubs, pubs, lounges and bars.

I really enjoy conversations with bartenders and waitresses. You can learn a lot from simply observing a bartender in action and if you become a regular you can even learn many tricks and drink recipes from them and add them to your repertoire.

I like going to Gentlemen's clubs so drinking seems a good fit for that.

I really enjoy the alone time with Central Patti

I really enjoy drinking with the Usual Suspects as we really know how to extend quiet hours.

Reasons NOT to Drink

While drinking does ease stress it does not eliminate the cause of the stress. After a long day at work a cocktail does indeed take the edge off, however you have to learn to cope with the reasons you are stressed out. When you sober up the cause is still waiting for you.

Which brings me to the real reason I am writing this week’s blog; I discovered after some personal adversities that drinking is NOT the cure-all for problems. As I stated earlier I went on a bender for 4 days after a one of those life changing events that everyone eventually goes through and after sobering up I still had to face all the agony, pain and sorrow that accompanies such events.
They say that what does not kill us makes us stronger, but I have my doubts on how accurate that statement is. I believe as we get older we simply have to deal with life’s adversities the best we can and yes believe it or not I actually faced the events cold sober.

The Professor


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