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Beginning Cigar Smoking

What Cigar should I try if I am a new Cigar Smoker?
I am asked this question a lot here at MySideOfTheBar so I thought it may be a good time to put down some of my thoughts on the subject. 
First and foremost, Cigar Smoking should be fun so do not worry a lot about being an expert. We all started somewhere. The Cigar community is a great bunch of individuals, organizations and companies that are very willing to assist and educate you on the subject.
Second, educate yourself using the many resources available:
Read up on the subject on the internet and the trade publications. My favorite reads are the Cigar Snob and Cigar Magazine.  I learned early on that some of the more popular magazines on Cigars seem to have a correlation between the advertisements and the ratings (you can draw your own conclusion).
Blogs are also an excellent resource for beginners. I write for one (SmokesAndBooze) where we review lots of products including Cigars. We are just average Joes who enjoy Cigars as a …

Stocking A Bar With A Budget

The Line Up
This is not a new concept if you recall the post, Get More Bang for Your Whiskey Buck. I was running a little low on Scotch so I decided to apply the same theory as I was looking to restock my Scotch supply.

I wanted to resupply my rolling Scotch Stock for around a hundred dollars so here are my choices.

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old: Now I could have taken the hundred dollars and simply purchased one expensive bottle of Scotch, however I wanted to grab as many varieties as possible and still stay on my budget. I also wanted a good single-malt and for the money the Gelnfarclas 12 Year Old is hard to beat.

Price: $40.00 U.S.

Ballantines Finest: I discovered this Scotch thanks to some of the Usual Suspects (D. and D. G.) and was really surprised how good it was. If you take into consideration the price it is most excellent and as the add says, soft, sweet and complex and you can not ask more of a Scotch than that.

Price: $15.00 U.S.

Johnnie Walker Red: This should be a part of every ba…

The 18,364,272nd Most Interesting Man in the World

With a bullet!


The 18,364,272nd Most Interesting Man in the World\
The Professor
Sexy Ladies
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Camera Man, Producer, Sound Man, Director and all around good guy    

Special Thanks to Jeff Woods of 360 Photography

The Professor