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5 Whiskeys You Should Be Drinking Now

Ok, I know I stole this idea from some place else (can't remember where), however the others I have read like this I don't exactly agree with so I am going to write my own version.

As most of you, as my loyal followers know I get to sample a lot of Whiskey (some good, some not as good). When I rate any spirit the one thing I always factor in is price point. If I pay 200$$ for a bottle of Whiskey I expect great things from it, however when I find a Whiskey I really enjoy for under 25$$ I get really excited.

All dollar amounts are in U.S. Currency and I have each of these in stock her @MySideOfTheBar.
So here we go


Lismore Single Malt - A friend introduced me to this fine Speyside Scotch and I found it to be very, very smooth. At the price of $25.00 on average this Scotch proved to be a great surprise as I normally think of Scotch in the forty dollar range as the low end for a Scotch Whiskey.

Canadian Club Whisky has long been one of my favorites (even before watch…

Stocking Your Home Bar for your First Cocktail Party

I get asked this question often and most often by a panicked follower.

"I am having a small group over for cocktails, what do I need?"

Relax the answer is much simpler than you think. I will make an assumption that you have some types of glasses so I will not elaborate in this post on that topic. (look back at older posts and look forward to future posts)

The Spirits

Start with these four basic Spirits.

White Rum

I would recommend going with a mid price on all four unless you are like me and have favorites in each category already.

For example
Whiskey - Four Roses Bourbon or Jack Daniels
Gin - Burnett's or New Amsterdam
Rum - Bacardi Superior
Vodka - Burnett's or Absolut

You will be surprised how many Cocktails you can make with these four basic Spirits.


I always recommend getting a Soda Stream, however if you do not plan on having that many get gatherings and would not use a lot of mixers otherwise here are some tips. Also I recommend getting smal…

The Fox River

In working on my next book on Cocktails I ran across this after one of the KC Usual Suspects, J.W. brought me a copy of the new magazine, "The Feast".

The story behind this cocktail is almost as interesting as the cocktail itself.

The cocktail originated in a small town west of Chicago called Valley View, Illinois, which is situated on the Fox River. A nearby restaurant called Al Capone’s Hideaway & Steakhouse unfortunately closed its doors in 2012. Before it donned Mr. Capone’s name, the space was home to a bar and restaurant “getaway” or “hideaway” for crime kingpins from the neighboring big city. In the early 20th century, co-owner Gladys Reitmayer stated that she used to make her own beer behind a chicken coop out back and siphon it into the bar via copper pipes. Because the bar was frequented by criminals and gangsters and was located on the banks of the river bearing the cocktail’s name.

I can imagine sitting in a dark Speakeasy gently swirling this drink and watch…