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The Damn Dam Pub Crawl

It is not like we need an excuse to drink, but one always seems to find us. That is why on the day before Thanksgiving Central Patti and I embarked on the Damn Dam Pub Crawl. The Bagnell Dam strip has always been on of our hangouts, however in the last few years a few more pubs have opened or remodeled and we had not yet had a chance to visit them.

Casablanca Pug and Grill
The Casablanca was one our hangouts a few years back and we generally stopped in every Friday on our way into town. We frequented Casablanca so often the locals thought we lived at the lake. However in the last couple of years the place had really started to run down and we had not been very regular. Well on this fine autumn day we were pleasantly surprised to see the entire pub had been remodeled with a new patio with many windows that opened up both inside and outside to provided a great open air atmosphere.

Stop 2: Alley Cats Pizza and Pub

At Stop 2 we were joined by one of the Usual Suspects L.S. 
Alley Cats also…


For those of you who follow this Blog you already know I do not need a reason to have a drink. However those occasions like Cinco De Mayo, St Patrick’s Day,  or Hemingway’s Birthday make imbibing a little more special. Such was the occasion last Sunday. I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since the late 60’s as I had an aunt in South Florida that I would visit on occasion and she would also send me lots of Dolphin memorabilia. So you can imagine my happiness as a young boy when in 1972 the team went undefeated and were Super Bowl Champions. (If you have not read the book “Still Perfect”  by Dave Hyde – (Thanks J.H.) you are missing out) Well last Sunday Central Patti and I were heading out to our favorite tobacco shop to have a smoke and watch some football we were very aware there was only one team left this season that had not lost a game and they were playing that afternoon. So we packed a bottle of Champagne to celebrate if they lost.

We did not start this tradition as this is was s…

Paranormal State

Recently here at MySideOfTheBar I was sitting sipping on a Four Roses and surfing through the channels for something interesting to watch. I ran across a show called Paranormal State, a show about the paranormal which seems to focus on exercising demons (and that does not mean aerobics) Now while I cannot really recommend the show I did watch a couple of episodes and it reminded me a little of The Exorcist.

So a few days go by and I came down with my first head cold I have had in a couple of years. I was sitting in motel room in Colorado watching the mountains and feeling miserable despite the copious amounts of bourbon I was consuming  and could not help but remember Paranormal State. A priest came in and performed an exorcism presumingly casting a demon out of a young girl. Now I started to think, if a priest could cast out something as enormous as a demon from some girl, why can priests not cast out colds from the rest  of us? Now that would impress the hell out of me and in the pr…