Paranormal State

Recently here at MySideOfTheBar I was sitting sipping on a Four Roses and surfing through the channels for something interesting to watch. I ran across a show called Paranormal State, a show about the paranormal which seems to focus on exercising demons (and that does not mean aerobics) Now while I cannot really recommend the show I did watch a couple of episodes and it reminded me a little of The Exorcist.

So a few days go by and I came down with my first head cold I have had in a couple of years. I was sitting in motel room in Colorado watching the mountains and feeling miserable despite the copious amounts of bourbon I was consuming  and could not help but remember Paranormal State. A priest came in and performed an exorcism presumingly casting a demon out of a young girl. Now I started to think, if a priest could cast out something as enormous as a demon from some girl, why can priests not cast out colds from the rest  of us? Now that would impress the hell out of me and in the process put a lot of cold medication companies out of business. Of course since I use bourbon as  my cold remedy, I have nothing to worry about.

The Proessor


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