The Damn Dam Pub Crawl

It is not like we need an excuse to drink, but one always seems to find us. That is why on the day before Thanksgiving Central Patti and I embarked on the Damn Dam Pub Crawl. The Bagnell Dam strip has always been on of our hangouts, however in the last few years a few more pubs have opened or remodeled and we had not yet had a chance to visit them.

The Casablanca was one our hangouts a few years back and we generally stopped in every Friday on our way into town. We frequented Casablanca so often the locals thought we lived at the lake. However in the last couple of years the place had really started to run down and we had not been very regular. Well on this fine autumn day we were pleasantly surprised to see the entire pub had been remodeled with a new patio with many windows that opened up both inside and outside to provided a great open air atmosphere.

Stop 2: Alley Cats Pizza and Pub

At Stop 2 we were joined by one of the Usual Suspects L.S. 

Alley Cats also has,well lets just say a signature shot

Alley Cats used to be on the opposite side of the strip and has always been known for their great Pizza.
After a couple of drinks we moved across the street to the Rock Island Line.

Central Patti and I had not been in the Rock Island for a few years and were happy to see they had really cleaned up the place and had also done some remodeling.

We were also joined by a couple more of the Usual Suspects

And as ever when at the Lake we learn something

8 out of 10 Beavers Prefer Ozark Wood

Next Stop Burnt Ends BBQ Pub and Grub

I believe that Burn Ends used to be Alley Cats prior to it's move across the strip. We thought it about time to have some lunch so we shared a huge and very tasty order of burnt end nachos.

After lunch we walked right next store to the Dam Bar and Grill

As luck would have it the Dam Bar and Grill was closing early (very early) due to lack of business this day. However, as we peeked our heads in the door we recognized our old friend Sherry show had been one of our regular waitresses in years past at The Casablanca so we invited us in for a couple of rounds. It was great catching up and seeing Sherry again. She also made a call to another friend Cheryl Lynn to see if she was singing later that evening at The Casablanca. However, Sherry could not reach Cheryl Lynn so we bid Sherry ado and down the road we went to the next stop, Lucky's Bar and Grill

As we walked up to the bar at Lucky's the bartender asked if we were Randy and Patti and after our initial surprise said, yes we were. He said he had a message from Sherry and that Cheryl Lynn was indeed performing at The Casa Blanca that evening. Supper! We had more that a couple of drinks with a couple of locals (the four of us were then entire patronage that day) and then about 6:30 we headed back to The Casa Blanca.

Central Patti was tired of walking and I did not have the heart to tell her she was out of luck with this mode of transportation.

The music of Cheryl Lynn was great as always and we ended the Damn Dam Pub Crawl with a few more cocktails.

Waiting on a cab

Thus ended the First (and hopefully) Annual Damn Dam Pub Crawl

The Professor


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