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A Movable Feast Part III

Ok, one last post before the final push into Key West. As noted we stayed 3 nights on Sugarloaf Key and also as noted not much in the ways of places to eat. (glad we had lots of (leftovers)  There was however, one notable exception. On Saddlebunch Key (about 2 miles from out lodge) we found, thanks to adds on Pirate Radio, Fish Restaurant. Fish = The freshest. Great food and great friendly staff.

Well worth the trip and only 14 miles from Key West.
Next and I have to say a great surprise was Babalu's Southern Cafe.

Some of the best, if not the best Blacken Mahi, Mahi I have ever had.

and they make a great Bloody Mary as well. I was also in the right place at the right time to assist the bartender in creating Christmas Cocktails for her party. I suggested the Grinch (from my Nephew's repertoire) Midori, Vodka, and pineapple juice with a cherry for the Grinch's tiny heart. My reward was a free "Santa's Milk" which she had just invented. (recipe in a future post…

A Movable Feast II

Continuing down the Keys we were focusing on a few areas to see if we may be interested in living there. The first stop was Cudjoe Key which is about 77 miles from Key Largo. We knew of a place for lunch and drinks, The Square Grouper and My New Joint.  The latter not open till 4 or so we sat at the bar in the Square Grouper. The adds did not do the place justice as the food was phenomenal. (I may need to develop a rating system as the food only gets better from here.

Not finding much around that was interesting to us we continued our journey onto Sugarloaf Key.  A distance of only about 7 miles. We were pleasantly pleased to find a rustic place to stay called Sugarloaf Lodge. It is hard to describe the Lodge and it is really the only thing on this Key. It consist of main office building and restaurant (Currently closed :) )right off HWY 1, a building consisting of rooms (only about 30 or so)

The place was very well kept and clean. Oh and did I forget to mention the Tiki Bar? Also the…