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The Hot Toddy

Well seeing that cold and flu season seems to be upon us here in the Midwest and indeed I feel it a little more than most this week as I caught (or it caught me) my first cold in almost two years. That being said I thought it would be a good time to blog on The Hot Toddy! (And not you T.B. (the second most interesting man in the world))

According to Wikipedia a Hot Toddy is a mixed drink, usually including alcohol (duh!), that is served hot.

While that seem elementary to you I remember a day years ago in my youth when I had an August sore throat and cold. I was looking for a remedy and remembered a friend who would know the answer. I called Joe Heinen Sr. I always called him Mr. Heinen and I will never forget when he answered the phone it sounded like I had just woke him from a nap. Once he knew it was me he cheerfully gave me a recipe.

Hot Tea

Well that was a miracle cure for sure and it works as well now as it did then.

Most of you may remember a post on Smokes …

The Transgression Part I

While Sitting at MySideOfTheBar one Sunday afternoon drinking and chatting with the Usual Suspects and some Regulars as a stranger walked I had never seen in this local watering hole before. The only available bar stool was next to me so he asked if the seat was taken and sat down before I could reply.

We started to chat

“We were having some beers and swappin I don’t cares”

The conversation turned to our professions and our background

"Talking politics, blonde and redhead chicks
Old dogs and new tricks, and habits we ain't kicked"

when he started to tell a story about his youth and from the sounds of the story we were about the same age. Well the more he talked the more interesting the story and the less I talked. We all have had our transgressions he continued on.

Transgressions, we have all had them. Some transgressions are personal, some are private and some, by their very nature become public. Some transgressions have consequences known only to the transgressor wh…


Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts out, destress and is very easy to do. Simply create a Google Account and away you go. One of my favorite Blogs is SmokesAndBooze. Not only because I am a contributor, but because it is informative and entertaining. Ed Blogs many times a day and his Blogs are always good for a quick read.

So why some of you have asked do I not write for my Blog as opposed to contributing to SmokesAndBooze? Simple, while MySideOfTheBar and SmokesAndBooze cover similar topics we really walk different sides of the street in the same town. I also enjoy using MySideOfTheBar to publish some of my stories.

So here are some of my contributions to SmokesAndBooze (just in case you missed them) and by all means, start following SmokesAndBooze.

The Hemingway Daiquiri

Glenfarclas – An Instant Classic

Templeton Rye

Three Bourbon Reviews

There could be more, but I will let you look for them.

Speaking of stories on MySideOfTheBar Log in next week for Part 1 of “The Transgressi…