The Hot Toddy

Well seeing that cold and flu season seems to be upon us here in the Midwest and indeed I feel it a little more than most this week as I caught (or it caught me) my first cold in almost two years. That being said I thought it would be a good time to blog on The Hot Toddy! (And not you T.B. (the second most interesting man in the world))

According to Wikipedia a Hot Toddy is a mixed drink, usually including alcohol (duh!), that is served hot.

While that seem elementary to you I remember a day years ago in my youth when I had an August sore throat and cold. I was looking for a remedy and remembered a friend who would know the answer. I called Joe Heinen Sr. I always called him Mr. Heinen and I will never forget when he answered the phone it sounded like I had just woke him from a nap. Once he knew it was me he cheerfully gave me a recipe.

Hot Tea

Well that was a miracle cure for sure and it works as well now as it did then.

Most of you may remember a post on Smokes and Booze had a couple of posts on Hot Toddys but here they are again.

Tommy Gee’s Hot Toddy Recipe
Whiskey in the Jar and Hot Toddys

Now for a couple of new ideas:

The Green Tea Hot Toddy:

The Green Tea Toddy
Honey to taste
Four Roses Bourbon to taste

I like using Green Tea as to me it has a better taste. Yes the color is much lighter and you could argue that it is not “tea” colored, but to each his own.

I like to get the water boiling hot which helps when you add the Whiskey to keep the Hot in Hot Toddy. I also like Honey as to me it is more of a good mix with the Bourbon than sugar or sweetener. I am also not a big fan of lemon, but add a squeeze if you like.

A couple of other ways to try a Hot Toddy would be to substitute any tea of choice for the green tea. Also you might enjoy substituting a Cheery or Honey Bourbon if you like the flavored Bourbons.

Hope the cooler weather finds you in great health, but if not try a Hot Toddy. Every time I have one I think of Mr. Heinen and think how much he is missed.

Cheers Mr. Heinen
The Professor


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