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Pipe Tobacco for Cigar Smokers

A few years back I took up Pipe Smoking, partly due to I always wanted to try this art and partly to save a little money smoking. Cigar Smoking, at least the Cigars I smoke can get a little pricey and I wanted to sit on the patio and relax smoking a little more frequently.

My favorite Tobacco Shop is Fidel's in Westport (and the preferred Tobacco Shop of MySideOfTheBar) which is not only can boast a wide line of Cigars and Tobacco products it also has an excellent staff on hand. The Staff at Fidel's is very knowledgeable about all the products and is also very friendly and helpful.

I had not been enjoying my Pipe as much as I hoped I would due to the fact I just did not like all the aromatic Pipe Tobacco that appears to be the most popular today. I decided to see if I could find some Pipe Tobacco that was more like smoking a Cigar than a Pipe. I had even tried snipping off the ends of my Cigars prior to smoking and keeping them in their own humidor. When I wanted to smoke I wo…

Carlos Torano - VAULT

Here is another insightful review from J-Dub @360photography

There were two of us left. He sat across from me, trying to read me. "Five card draw is the only poker I play", I told him. As the dealer dealt what would be our last hand. He looked at his cards and they drew a smile to his unassuming smug face.

I held four cards and only asking for one. His smile turned into a grin, and evil grin, "I don't need any cards", he said with a chuckle. As the dealer slid me my one card, I pulled out my Carlos Torano VAULT. I sparked a flame and lit my VAULT, through the smoke i could see his grin start to fade. He asked, "is that a Torano VAULT", I replied "All In" He adjusted his collar and asked me if I was going to look at my one card. "No" as I drew a long hard draw off my VAULT. With shaking hands he pushed his money in. "Call" he says with a shaky voice. 
With that he laid down a full house. Kings over 7's, but he knew tha…

Martini Suprise

One of the reasons I like trying different "MySideOfTheBars" is I like surprises. Some good and some can be, well lets just say a surprise. A week or so back I had a craving for a Gin Martini. Now I know to the Martini purist I do not need to specify Gin, however I frequently drink Vodka Martini's as well so I feel the need to be specific. I normally use Hendricks Gin in my Martini's, however Hemingway preferred Gordon's Gin in his and as I could not find Gordon's my research indicated that Tanqueray would make an excellent substitute.

We were walking on the Plaza in KC and stumbled into Bo Lings.

I am not all that found of the food in Bo Lings as to me it is like a Gurkha Cigar, good but with no real traits that stand out. However, the bar has a very relaxing attitude so I decided to give it a try. As I told the bartender, she made an excellent Martini. (I should know because I make an excellent Martini)

And as you can tell by the pictures above and below I …

Kentucky Mountain Spring

Most of you that follow this blog know that I am a huge Ernest Hemingway fan. I have read all of his works and have even branched out to other works that include his works. Recently I have been engrossed in "To Have and Have Another; a Hemingway Cocktail Companion" by Philip Greene.

One of the libations that Hemingway enjoyed is included in the pages of this must have read for every mixologist and Hemingway fan.

The Scottish Mountain Spring. I put my own twist on this and came up with the Kentucky Mountain Spring. I really enjoy Four Roses Bourbon so this combination is not only a natural, but also very easy to make.

Take a jigger of Bourbon and add to it 1 - 2 jiggers of water. The put the glass in the freezer for a couple of hours. By looking at the picture you will see how it got its name.

You can make many variations on this Cocktail, such as the Irish Mountain Spring, the Russian Mountain Spring, The Tennessee Country Spring etc.


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