Martini Suprise

One of the reasons I like trying different "MySideOfTheBars" is I like surprises. Some good and some can be, well lets just say a surprise. A week or so back I had a craving for a Gin Martini. Now I know to the Martini purist I do not need to specify Gin, however I frequently drink Vodka Martini's as well so I feel the need to be specific. I normally use Hendricks Gin in my Martini's, however Hemingway preferred Gordon's Gin in his and as I could not find Gordon's my research indicated that Tanqueray would make an excellent substitute.

We were walking on the Plaza in KC and stumbled into Bo Lings.

I am not all that found of the food in Bo Lings as to me it is like a Gurkha Cigar, good but with no real traits that stand out. However, the bar has a very relaxing attitude so I decided to give it a try. As I told the bartender, she made an excellent Martini. (I should know because I make an excellent Martini)

And as you can tell by the pictures above and below I really enjoyed it!

CheersThe Professor


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