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BlackKnight Cigars

Recently one of the Usual Suspects from Fidel's Cigar Shop, Gary Moore has started a venture into the world of Cigar Making. If you don't know how much work this is just do some internet research and you will find that it not only takes a lot of effort, but also capital.

You have to get your product on the shelf in business' which is also easier said than done.

The stick I was given to try was the BlackNight King Solomon.

Size: 7 1/4 X 56

Wrapper: Corojo Filler: Dominican Dlor Plant from Cuban seed grown in the Dominican Republic Binder: Dominican

SRP: 16.50 to 18.50 USD
First 1/3

The stick due to it's nipple foot is very easy to light (which I really enjoy in a cigar) even in the most difficult weather. If you have cut the stick correctly you will find the draw to be very easy. You will immediately get a spice, wood/leather taste that is nice and smooth.

Second 1/3

Second verse same as the first, still smooth with the only difference being the flavors are not …


No I am not talking about burning bread, I am talking about using a beverage to toast to someones health, wealth or happiness. With the upcoming Holiday Season we well be seeing and participating in many toasts.

One of my favorites is attributed to Dorthy Parker:

One Martini
Two at the most
Three Martinis I am on the floor
Four I am under the host

What is your least favorite you ask? Send all inquiries to C.O. she knows ;)

However I digress from my original point. With all the Holiday toasts that will be flying around we should not forget to toast life's everyday moments. A good sunrise or sunset, good friends and family or even a good cup of coffee. (Yes you can toast with coffee) One of the Baypoint "Usual Suspects" (D.G.) favorite lines if "Life is Good" and this statement is reason enough to make a toast.

The Professor

The Rooster Revisited

I last visited the Rooster, formally know as "The Rooster Crepe Sandwich Cafe in December of 2012 and at that time (see blog post Feb 2013) I stated that this establishment did indeed live up to the hype.


In 2012 I could only really speak to the Bloody Mary aspect as that was all I sampled. When visiting St Louis last month I rectified this earlier error.

not only did I enjoy another Bloody Mary with bacon and cheddar stuffed olives, but I also (along with 5 other Usual Suspects) ordered breakfast.

I ordered a BELT, which I am sure you can figure out is the bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich which is served on Texas Toast along with an ample portion of their breakfast potato.

Others dined on pancakes, eggs Benedict and french toast and all portions were very, very large. How large you ask, well so large I could not finish even my entire sandwich much less the potatoes.

Again a…