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The Camacho Triple Maduro

Recently I had the opportunity to try the Camacho Triple Maduro while visiting Cigar and Tobac. Here is a short review of this stick.

As most of you know as my loyal readers I am a big fan of Maduro and really any full body stick. In this area the Camacho Triple Maduro does not disappoint. This could possibly be one of the most full body cigars I have had to date and is definitely not for the beginner or warmhearted cigar smoker.

Very full body and oily in touch you can expect about 90 minutes to 2 hours when smoking the 6 x 60 variety. While there was some spice and coffee notes in the taste they were overshadowed by the full think oily taste.

Not a bad stick except for the 13.00 USD price and if it were in the 7 to 8 dollar range would be worth having in your humidors regular rotation.

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