MySideOftheBar Cocktail World Hall of Fame

I have been thinking about this for a long time and decided it was, well about time to start the Cocktail Hall of Fame here at MySideOfTheBar.

You are probably wondering what the criteria is for getting inducted into my Cocktail Hall of Fame so here are the simple criteria.

Have a web presence showing your skills and work in the bar/cocktail world
Be an advocate of all types of alcohol, beverages and mixology
Have both a major influence and contribution to the cocktail field

So here is the initial Cocktail Hall of Fame members here @MySideOfTheBar
Dan Dunn – Dan is a professional drinker, blogger ( author (Living Loaded and Nobody Likes a Quitter) and radio show host, just to name a few. I can easily say that if I were reincarnated I would want to come back as Dan.

Follow Dan on Twitter @TheImbiber and Facebook

Cheri Loughlin – Cheri is a self proclaimed “mad scientist” in the kitchen and mixologist behind the bar. Her mission statement is to make your cocktails and drinks look amazing and delicious. She has a website ( which states “Dabbling in the world of cocktails one spirit at a time..”  and is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I follow on the web.

Follow Cheri on Twitter @intoxicologist and Facebook

Shelley Buchanan – The Drunken Tomato! Shelley specializes in Bloody Mary’s and travels the world over in search of perfection in not only Bloody Mary’s, but also bars and cafes. Shelley’s blog, shares her experiences in the field and has been an inspiration in my Bloody Mary creations. She recently published the book, “The Drunken Tomato” which takes you on a Bloody Mary filled journey through the best cocktail-slinging bars and restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Follow Shelly on Twitter @thedrunkentomat and on Facebook

Warren Bobrow – Has an eclectic and long list of talents in not only the cocktail field but also in the food industry. Among Warren’s many talents are author (Apothecary Cocktails) Postulator in cocktail arts at, chef and Advisory Board Member at Mutineer Magazine.

Follow Warren on Twitter @WarrenBobrow1 and on Fackbook

So there you have it, the initial Hall of Fame Cocktail Class here @MySideOfTheBar, start following and start learning




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