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Beavers at the Dam

As most of you know I have spent a large amount of time at the lake (ATL) this summer, hey why not I am retired after all. One of the many bars I have visited this year was Beavers at the Dam.

I am not going to give you the complete history of Beavers as you can read for yourself by following the above link. What I will tell you is that it is well worth a visit for a real lake bar experience.

In a nutshell, the docks are very good, the atmosphere is excellent (including the indoor bar) and the food far above average for lake food. Speaking of lake food I have noticed this summer one common thread in the lake bars I have been to is that the food quality has really improved over the past years.

I attended with a gang of Usual Suspects and one of the reasons we choose beavers was two of us really had a craving for fried shrimp! It seems a pattern has formed this summer that if someone mentions a food item a craving for this item is almost overwhelming. (Shrimp Poor Boys are now on the li…

Home Bar Etiquette

I have seen many articles and blogs on bar etiquette, however not many touching on home bar etiquette. This very topic came up recently with my cast of "Usual Suspects" at one of the infamous Martini Hours here at MySideOfTheBar.

From time to time (really more often than that) one of the regulars brought me a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel which I placed on the counter. A short time later someone ordered this to which I replied, it was a gift and not opened yet. I did serve this individual another top shelf Bourbon, and that conversation led to this multi-part blog on the topic of home bar etiquette.

1. Bringing Alcohol

From a Host Perspective: While it is always appreciated, NEVER request it or expect it, hey you are the one throwing the party.

From a Guest Perspective: I generally bring my own alcohol to home bar cocktail hours, however now that most of the Usual Suspects are stocking Four Roses not as often. However, as I drink more than the average bear (or bull moos…

Flights and Flatbreads

I have blogged about the Seasons 52 before, however I thought as we revisited the establishment the other evening and had such a great time it was worth another round.

Despite the small Bourbon Selection (However they make a great Manhattan) and a Martini spilled on Central Patti (also great and the bartender comped us the cocktail) their current special is fantastic!

It is called Flights and Flatbreads which means that if you order one of their most excellent flatbreads you also have the option of a special wine flight.

You have three option for your flight, Spectacular Whites, Remarkable Reds (both 15$) and Acclaimed (90+ Points) for 20$.

Not only do you get a generous pour on the three wines in  your flight, 2 oz or more you then get to pick your favorite of the three for yet another full glass.

This was one of the best values I have yet to find on the Plaza and well the flatbread makes this combo excellent. Our entire bill was only 52$ including my Manhattan (they comped Central P…