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Vacation Week

While sitting in one our usual hangouts a few weeks ago the topic of conversation around the bar was vacation. Now I realize that a vacation should be relaxing and restful and when you return to work you are supposed to be well rested. Such was not the case when we returned from Vacation Week at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Central Patti and I spent 10 days at our condo over the Fourth of July week and here is the recap.

Friday – We walked to Alhonna resort with S. and C. O. and had all you can eat Pango and many drinks.

Saturday and Sunday – The Kids and Grandkids were in for a couple of days and we had a great time. We had a Luau on Saturday complete with grass skirts and a Limbo contest. We had Hawaiian pork chops with red peppers and pineapple. On Sunday we had the traditional Fourth of July meal, hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and watermelon.

Monday – After lounging by the pool for a few hours enjoying cocktails we were invited to go out on the lake with S. and C. O. on their boat…

Riding the Rails, Clickety Clack

A few weeks back we took the Amtrak from K.C. to Naperville Ill. and as usual we had a great time. If you have never taken the opportunity to travel by train you do not know what you are missing. I recommend for your first trip nothing over four hours just in case you may not enjoy train travel. Also this will keep the price at a minimum and I recommend choosing your travel dates that are not during the peek seasons. (From around June 15th to August 15th.) to avoid high ticket prices

You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of the train cars and the size of the seats. The cars are two levels with the lower level where you put your luggage when boarding, handicap seating and the rest room/changing rooms.

We generally sit in the club car (now called the observation car) where they have many booths and seats and then entire care is plexieglass so you can see the beautiful sites as you travel.

You can even carry on your own food and drinks and yes this means you can carry on your own ba…

The Reluctant Hero Part II

The Reluctant Hero Part I

Patti emerged from the shower wearing only a towel and asked,

“Do we have any beer in here?”

I replied, “Yes we do, it is in the electric cooler under the liquor cart.”

There was both Heineken and Corona as our hosts also remembered the type of beer that Patti preferred. Again we had only known Terrell and Nicki for a few years, however we had spent many a day simply hanging out and having drinks and our went back before Terrell had made it big in “import and exports.”

“Quit a place they have here.” Patti commented.

“Indeed.” I replied, as I opened a beer for Patti and with a single motion handed the beer to her while grasping the knot in the front of the towel and with a gentle tug the towel fell to the floor reveling her full breasts. Patti looked at me with her big green eyes of hers and our lips met.

A little while later as we both lay naked in each other’s arms on the large lounge chair on the balcony I said,

“So what do you think Terrell “imports and exports”?…