Vacation Week

While sitting in one our usual hangouts a few weeks ago the topic of conversation around the bar was vacation. Now I realize that a vacation should be relaxing and restful and when you return to work you are supposed to be well rested. Such was not the case when we returned from Vacation Week at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Central Patti and I spent 10 days at our condo over the Fourth of July week and here is the recap.

Friday – We walked to Alhonna resort with S. and C. O. and had all you can eat Pango and many drinks.

Saturday and Sunday – The Kids and Grandkids were in for a couple of days and we had a great time. We had a Luau on Saturday complete with grass skirts and a Limbo contest. We had Hawaiian pork chops with red peppers and pineapple. On Sunday we had the traditional Fourth of July meal, hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and watermelon.

Monday – After lounging by the pool for a few hours enjoying cocktails we were invited to go out on the lake with S. and C. O. on their boat the Happy Hours. We met up with L. and D. S. in Carters Cove and had a great time and then L. and D. left Then there was, the “incident”. A popup storm came out of nowhere and it rained fairly hard, when we came from under cover the swim platform somehow had raised itself and we could not get it to go down. (I should have such problems) In any event that led to the end of the coving for the day. We returned to the condo and had closure at our condo until the early hours on Tuesday.

Tuesday – It rained hard, harder and then even harder all day making it almost impossible to even go out of the condo. When the rain finally let up we had a party under one of the covered docs.

The skies finally cleared lat in the afternoon and we took the wave runners over to Shady Gators as I was having a craving for nachos. We did get to so into the Lazy Gator to look around, but as it was officially closed we could not have drinks at the pool bar.

D. and D. G. arrived that evening and we had cocktails by the pool for a few hours and then closure at our condo that night with A. and A. S. and mixed a new chocolate caramel martini.

Theme of the Week

Wednesday – Well that was just our luck. We rode the Wave Runners up to Bumps Barefoot Bar and Grill for lunch with D. and D. G and S. and C. O. however when we arrived we found out they were closed on Wednesday. We called an audible and went to the Jolly Roger and had a nice lunch with a parrot.

On Wednesday evening we went to the Main Street Music Hall for a performance of “Reelin in the Years” a collection of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music and skits. What a fantastic event. If you are in the lake area do not miss a chance to attend as they put on one great show, worthy of Vegas accolades. We have been to the Moulin Rouge in Paris and the quality of entertainment was just as good.

However I should say that if you go you may wish to reconsider dressing up in your 70’s attire or you may just end up being part of the show.

After retuning to the condo we enjoyed many a martini with a special guest Bay Huong who came all the way from China.

Enough said.

Thursday – More rain , however we did make it to the Old Time Photo shop for our traditional old time photo.

Thursday evening we dined at the Duck, one of the Lake Area’s Five Star restaurants. The food and drinks here are fantastic and the view is great as the establishment is right on the water.

Friday – On Friday we did manage to get to Bumps for lunch courtesy of D. and D. G. and the R’ Escape. This place is great; the food is very good and inexpensive. Nothing on the menu is over 6 bucks and the service was very good.

On Friday evening we were invited to the one the first dinner parties at the condo. Courtesy of D. and D. G. We had an excellent pork steak and also the first Bay Point wine tasting were we all brought one of our favorite wines to share. We finished off the evening with cigars and good conversation and lots of stars.

Saturday – We started the day with a walk to Alhonna’s for breakfast with the same group of usual suspects, S. and C. O. and D. and D. G.. The Works Omelet is my favorite, but we will not want to miss the Old Number 11.

We spent the rest of the day lounging and drinking by the pool and that evening we had the Famous Final Closure at out place.

Sunday – We returned home and went to bed! Hope your vacations are as much fun as ours and you get more rest then we did. Thanks to all the usual suspects who helped make this one of the best Vacation Weeks to date.



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