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Gato Village Pocket Park

So it is no secret that MySideOfTheBar was on the Rock for the  month of march. I am hoping to recap a few places of interest that we visited. The Gato Village Pocket Park is one such place.

You are probably wondering what a Pocket Park is? (I know I did) Well simply put a Pocket Park is a small green space that has been set aside for public enjoyment.

We were listening to Pirate Radio one morning and found out they had a fund raiser, coincidentally enough on a Whiskey Wednesday at this Pocket Park. The fund raiser was to raise money to pay for the recently refurbished giant cigar sculpture. 

Need I say more? No, but I will anyway :) We arrived a little late for the free cigars

but did get to sample some of my favorite rum from the Key West Distillery that produces what I think is the best rum on the island (or anywhere else for that matter), Pappa's Pillar.

But I digress: The Gatto Pocket Park is This park has a special history as it was part of a unique community of employee hou…