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Jack Gage American Tavern

MySideOfTheBar found a new hang out here in the K.C. area over the weekend, Jack Gage American Tavern.

Jack Gage have a great menu and the Chicken Lollipops are great and Central Patti had the Southern Pimento Cheese Dip that came with what appeared to be homemade warm flat bread that was very light.
With an excellent selection of Wine and Beer the bar is a nice place to sit back and relax.

The restaurant's name comes from a theatrical sideshow backdrop created for a British boxing promoter or so the legend goes named Jack Gage. The actual background is from the original sideshow imported from England and the owner was nice enough to stop by for a chat and show us some pictures of the original and a history book listing events and visitors to the original, including Muhammad Ali.

This is a great restaurant and bar to hang out at and we are looking forward to many, many more visits.


A Bar is Where You Find It

For those of you who follow this blog you know that MySideOfTheBar can be YourSideOfTheBar or someoneelse’s side of the bar. So last weekend I had a little cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house so I decided to go over to Sled Hill across the street and burn some of the wood I had left over from converting my wood burning fireplace to natural gas.

I loaded up the sled I keep here for the grand babies and off I went with both Cigar and Flask in tow.

I started a nice fire, lit up a Kristoff Maduro and drank from my 10 oz flask filled with, what else Four Roses Bourbon.

I chatted with the neighbors about the weather and the fire which was much appreciated by the little ones sledding.

I also helped one stranger look for his titanium wedding ring which he had lost. (no we did not find it) Hum, this sounds familiar, so I guess you should not wear your wedding ring sledding or on the boat doc?

Central Patti joined me and we had a nice afternoon chatting, drinking and smoking by the …

Cigar Infusion

For those of you who follow MySideOfTheBar, you undoubtedly remember some posts on infusing Alcohol (See Jan 10 – Infused Vodka Part I and August 23 – Infused Vodka Part 2). So it seemed logical for us to attempt infusing cigars. Now infused cigars are no strangers here as Central Patti enjoys them often. One of her favorites is CAO’s Moontrance as well as a Hazel Nut/Coffee cigar.

I started by fresh roasting some coffee beans from Ethiopia. The reason I choose those particular beans is that when roasted properly they are very, very oily and I believe they would be just right for infusing cigars.

I took an empty cigar box and placed two cigars (Graycliff Avelino Lara) the fresh roasted and ground coffee beans and a small bowl of water. The cigars were a light tobacco which I hoped would absorb more flavor than a darker cigar might. The water was to not only assist with humidity, but to also aide in the infusing process. I left the cigars in the box for about 3 weeks checking every f…

The Best of 2010

Yes I know an article like this is very cliché; however I visited many new bars, pubs and restaurants in 2010 and thought it would make a great recap. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Lounge for AtmosphereThe Blue Stem, very nice ambiance with dim lighting small out of the way tables, lounge chairs and couches with excellent service and nice happy hour specials.

Best Happy HourTomfooleries on the K.C. Plaza. Great happy hour prices on both food and drink and they serve an excellent Thai Chicken Sticks and you need to try the Fried Pickles.

Best Surprise BarThe California Pizza Kitchen. This was one of the best surprises of the year. I did not know they even had a bar and walked by this fine establishment for a couple of years. They make a good Manhattan and Martini as well as having an great specialty drink list and fantastic food for the price.

Best Manhattan – Once again this year, Californos in West Port. Joel really knows how to make an excellent Manhattan a…