A Bar is Where You Find It

For those of you who follow this blog you know that MySideOfTheBar can be YourSideOfTheBar or someoneelse’s side of the bar. So last weekend I had a little cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house so I decided to go over to Sled Hill across the street and burn some of the wood I had left over from converting my wood burning fireplace to natural gas.

I loaded up the sled I keep here for the grand babies and off I went with both Cigar and Flask in tow.

I started a nice fire, lit up a Kristoff Maduro and drank from my 10 oz flask filled with, what else Four Roses Bourbon.

I chatted with the neighbors about the weather and the fire which was much appreciated by the little ones sledding.

I also helped one stranger look for his titanium wedding ring which he had lost. (no we did not find it) Hum, this sounds familiar, so I guess you should not wear your wedding ring sledding or on the boat doc?

Central Patti joined me and we had a nice afternoon chatting, drinking and smoking by the fire.

So as a reminder, a bar is where you find it. (or in this case where you make it)



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