Jack Gage American Tavern

MySideOfTheBar found a new hang out here in the K.C. area over the weekend, Jack Gage American Tavern.

Jack Gage have a great menu and the Chicken Lollipops are great and Central Patti had the Southern Pimento Cheese Dip that came with what appeared to be homemade warm flat bread that was very light.
With an excellent selection of Wine and Beer the bar is a nice place to sit back and relax.

The restaurant's name comes from a theatrical sideshow backdrop created for a British boxing promoter or so the legend goes named Jack Gage. The actual background is from the original sideshow imported from England and the owner was nice enough to stop by for a chat and show us some pictures of the original and a history book listing events and visitors to the original, including Muhammad Ali.

This is a great restaurant and bar to hang out at and we are looking forward to many, many more visits.



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