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Cold Weather Cocktails

Ok last weekend it was in the 80's and this morning it is 41! So yes I am going to bitch about the weather just a little bit.

While the weather may not be great it does give me a chance to try out a few cold weather cocktails I have been saving for just such occasion.

Now I could use the go-to cold weather drink, the Hot Toddy, however I usually save that for cold and flu weather.

The other night a usual suspect was having coffee and added some Fireball Whiskey to it and I have to say I did not hate it. Speaking of coffee a great idea for a cold weather gathering is to server coffee and have a add-on bar including items like Irish Cream, Rumchata, Irish Whiskey etc.

Or for holidays include items like the flavored (pumpkin, mint, chocolate) creamers for your coffee and you can still offer the alcohol bar add-on. This option gives you a non-alcohol option.

Here is one that I have served and has always been a fan favorite, the Hoppin' Hot Scotch. Which is
Butterscotch schnapps, h…

The Over/Under Bar St Louis

Recently we took the train to St Louis for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Yes indeed if you run a full marathon you are crazy so does that mean if you run a half marathon you are only half crazy?

Anyway while in St Louis we went to several bars and one cigar shop and I thought in the next few weeks I would give you a recap.

The Over/Under is located in the heart of the vibrant Loft District on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. Now an easier way to describe the location is that is only a few blocks west of Edward Jones Dome where the St. Louis Rams play.

The name Over/Under refers to a wager on the total amount of points, runs or goals scored by both teams in a game. We happened to be at the bar right during the peak of tail gating for a Rams Home Game and the atmosphere was what you might have expected. An acoustic guitar player (which was good and even played some Nick Drake) a bloody mary bar (average at best) and breakfast buffet and a loud crowd which included our group of "U…

Zocalo Sunday Brunch

Shush it is a secret! Maybe the best kept secret on the KC Plaza and maybe even in the whole city! But it should not be!

A few weeks ago we were looking for a place on the Plaza to have brunch and our usual Sunday brunch hangout has been Coal Vines. On this particular Sunday it was packed, which is per the norm for this establishment. We decided to walk up the block and see what else was open and noticed the Zocalo appeared to be open.

Now the Zocalo is not new to us as we have spent several occasions having cocktails and appetizers here. However we were unaware that they had a Sunday brunch and to us it must be one of the best kept secrets in KC. And is SHOULD NOT BE! We can not begin to describe how great this is for brunch with items like Crab Cake Benedict, Lobster and Shrimp omelets and  a breakfast burrito that is large enough to feed two (see brunch menu here) it is hard to imagine why this place is not packed on Sunday.

So come on KC get out and show Zocalo your support


Quesada 40th Anniversary Salomon Press

Recently I attended the KC Cigar Festival (more on this later) and included in my gift bag was a Quesada 40th Anniversary Salomon Press stick.

AS you can see in the picture this is no ordinary looking stick and as I smoked it I can also confirm this.

Quesada released this line of cigars to commemorate Manuel Quesada's 40 years in the cigar business. The Salomon Press is a one of two limited edition pressed cigars (of the 6 in the series) featuring the San Andres blend. The key thing is that it is only pressed in the middle.

As I smoked this cigar the thing that I was most impressed with was the constancy. While some reviews state the stick has flavors of nuts, vanilla coffee etc. I only found the stick to be very full bodied with lots of spice.

My only negative comment would be the price ($12.95 US Dollars a stick) which would keep me from enjoying this fine cigar again. However, as only 10,000 were released it is doubtful if I would every find another. So I guess I am most fortun…