The Over/Under Bar St Louis

Recently we took the train to St Louis for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Yes indeed if you run a full marathon you are crazy so does that mean if you run a half marathon you are only half crazy?

Anyway while in St Louis we went to several bars and one cigar shop and I thought in the next few weeks I would give you a recap.

The Over/Under is located in the heart of the vibrant Loft District on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. Now an easier way to describe the location is that is only a few blocks west of Edward Jones Dome where the St. Louis Rams play.

The name Over/Under refers to a wager on the total amount of points, runs or goals scored by both teams in a game. We happened to be at the bar right during the peak of tail gating for a Rams Home Game and the atmosphere was what you might have expected. An acoustic guitar player (which was good and even played some Nick Drake) a bloody mary bar (average at best) and breakfast buffet and a loud crowd which included our group of "Usual Suspects."

What I can tell you is that the service was great and the food I observed and tried was excellent.

Several in our group had the quesadilia and it was excellent and large enough for 3 or 4. We spent a great couple of hours in the bar and I can say despite being out of 2 beers and one disappointed "Usual Suspect" that wanted to try the new Guinness Blond (which they had not started carrying yet) we  had a lot of fun and at least one of us (me) consumed many, many drinks in our time there.

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