Cold Weather Cocktails

Ok last weekend it was in the 80's and this morning it is 41! So yes I am going to bitch about the weather just a little bit.

While the weather may not be great it does give me a chance to try out a few cold weather cocktails I have been saving for just such occasion.

Now I could use the go-to cold weather drink, the Hot Toddy, however I usually save that for cold and flu weather.

The other night a usual suspect was having coffee and added some Fireball Whiskey to it and I have to say I did not hate it. Speaking of coffee a great idea for a cold weather gathering is to server coffee and have a add-on bar including items like Irish Cream, Rumchata, Irish Whiskey etc.

Or for holidays include items like the flavored (pumpkin, mint, chocolate) creamers for your coffee and you can still offer the alcohol bar add-on. This option gives you a non-alcohol option.

Here is one that I have served and has always been a fan favorite, the Hoppin' Hot Scotch. Which is
Butterscotch schnapps, hot chocolate and amaretto. Top with some whipped cream.

Lastly you can use hot ciders to make some great cold weather cocktails and a Google search will yield many recipes. Now if your like me (hey who really is) you will simply pour 2 fingers of Four Roses and call it a day, but as I always say "What is good for me is not always good for the weak hearted."

The Professor


  1. As always an enjoyable and informative read...question you have a particular brand of coffee that you really enjoy and use...or will any old stuff do?

  2. For years I have enjoyed Gevalia and as seen in an earlier blog I even roast my own beans from time to time. Lately a friend has started his own line, Snappy Bigman Coffee that I also really enjoy. Look for Snappy on both Facebook and Twitter for more details - Cheers


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