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Women Who Smoke Cigars and Why We Love Them

This is not an original idea for a post, as I read a similar blog a while back. However, I thought I could put my own spin on it so here we go with my top 5 reasons why we love women who smoke cigars.

5. A women who smokes cigars exudes power and independence and I myself find that a very attractive trait.

4. When you are smoking a Cigar with your significant other you are immediately the envy of all the other guy cigar smokers.

3. You have something in common and you get to spend time out with the person  you  enjoy the most.

2. Well let's face it I find it really sexy. The cigar is...well...really phallic, and when women hold it like that..."

1.   And what is it they say, a women who puts a cigar in her mouth... Well I will leave that one alone

However guys don't get your hops up as only 2% of women smoke Cigars.
The Professor

Brandt's Ice Berg

Recently I walked up to one of our favorite watering holes, Bobbers located at the Alhonna Resort at the 8 MM on the Lake of the Ozarks. While  I was waiting for Central Patti to arrive a nice family came in. The young man who was ordering drinks for the whole famdamily, asked the bartender if she could make an Ice Berg. The bartender replied she had not heard of it, however if he could describe it she could possibly make one.

The young man said all it really was, was a Margarita topped with a Corona. The bartender said, that would not be a problem.

She then said to the young man, "I am not gonna lie to you, this will be on my happy hour special tomorrow."

To which he replied, "Can I at least get credit for it?"

The bartender said, "Sure, what is your name?"

"Brandt!" he said.

And I said, "I am not gonna lie to you, this is gonna be my next drink"

Great drink Brandt!

The Professor