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Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Ok so I have been to quite a few wet tee shirt contest in my day and Central Patti has even participated in a few. Recently as an observer (I have also been a judge at a couple) I was sipping on a cocktail and thinking that chaos was reigning on this hot summer day. There did not seem to be any rules! So out of the chaos comes this:

The Professor's Rules for Wet Tee Shit Contests

1. NO MEN!
2. Everyone starts with the same tee shirt and can modify from there
3. The tee shirt MUST remain on all all times and can not be pulled down or lifted up over the breasts. It is a wet tee shirt contest not a Ms. Nuddie contest. (although I am not opposed to this as a separate event)
4. Bottoms must be left on, it is a wet tee shirt contest not a hottest ass contest. (again not opposed to that as a separate event)
5. There has to be two classes, Real and Modified. (sorry Central Patti)
6. Judging will consist of the following categories.
Overall Shape and Size
Shirt Modification and F…

The JT

So a few weeks back a few of the Usual Suspects and a couple of Sudo Usual Suspects were sitting around at MySideOfTheBarATL have a few cocktails when J.R. suggested a recipe for some cocktail that I can not remember the name of. (go figure) anyway we dug through the cupboards and we were short one ingredient, walnut bitters. We tried the cocktail with angostura bitters but I was not that impressed

When next I returned I added walnut bitters and the JT was born

3 ounces of Bourbon
1/2 - 1 ounce of Amaretto
4 dashes of Walnut bitters
splash of pure maple syrup

Add ingredients to a rock glass with ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge or slice

Thanks to J.R and A.M for the recipe and the name. If you are really curious about the name, well you had to be there.

The Professor