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Kansas City Whiskey Tour 2012

A month or so back Central Patti and I were in our favorite and what will be the preferred liquor store of MySideOfTheBar in 2012, Gomer's. Mark always treats us great and we are VIP Members so we generally get an even better price than the sale prices. Mark asked us if we had our tickets to the KC Whiskey Tour and as we had not heard about it he filled us in. This event was one we did not want to miss so we went online and ordered our tickets. Boy are we glad we did! The KC Whiskey Tour was held April 14th in the KC Power and Light District and with your admission you had access to over 50 North American Bourbons and Whiskeys. We arrived a little early and were able to check in and receive both our gift bag and our VIP bag (which contained lots of cool swag). I had checked out the vendors that would be there online and had a general plan on my stops for the day. However, I had to check in with our friends at Four Roses First.
Dan Gardner, Regional Sales Manger, was manning th…

Pierponts Kansas City

As I have said before it is not often I am surprised by the combination of ambiance and excellence, but this past weekend I could not have been more surprised if I would have woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.

From the moment you walk through the door you believe you walked back in time to the 1930’s in either New York or Paris. The d├ęcor is absolutely a throwback and looks every bit as good as it did back in the early 1900’s.

Pierponts is located in the Historic Union Station which is itself a must see the next time you are out and about in Kansas City and there are many other things to do just a short walk from Union Station.

Central Patti and I had wanted to try Pierponts for a few years and it seemed the time was about right. Given the nostalgia and my drinking patterns I had to try a Manhattan and while it was not the best I have ever had it was still very good.

We ordered the Morel Mushrooms for an appetizer, something neither of us had tried before and they were very goo…

Age Your Own Whisky

Most of my readers and usual suspects know that I have for a long time dreamed about making my own Whisky and I am always in search of the Perfect Manhattan. Well I am getting close on the Perfect Manhattan, however becoming a distiller is a little more complicated. I have to buddies (J.P. and R.K.) who are working on the distilling part some I may possibly be able to learn from them in the future.

In the mean while I decided to have a stab at aging my own Whisky. This is not as difficult as it may sound with a help of a kit that you can obtain in the Internet.

I did some research and found an affordable kit at Merwin Liquors. The cost was a reasonable $100.00 USD delivered. The kit I choose also included a bottle of unaged Cedar Ridge Whiskey.

Before attempting to age the Whisky I naturally had to sample it. The taste was, well not good. It had characteristics of bad Vodka, with no taste and just a burn. But what would you expect, because that is really what unaged Whisky is.

Now the…