Kansas City Whiskey Tour 2012

A month or so back Central Patti and I were in our favorite and what will be the preferred liquor store of MySideOfTheBar in 2012, Gomer's. Mark always treats us great and we are VIP Members so we generally get an even better price than the sale prices. Mark asked us if we had our tickets to the KC Whiskey Tour and as we had not heard about it he filled us in. This event was one we did not want to miss so we went online and ordered our tickets. Boy are we glad we did! The KC Whiskey Tour was held April 14th in the KC Power and Light District and with your admission you had access to over 50 North American Bourbons and Whiskeys. We arrived a little early and were able to check in and receive both our gift bag and our VIP bag (which contained lots of cool swag). I had checked out the vendors that would be there online and had a general plan on my stops for the day. However, I had to check in with our friends at Four Roses First.
Dan Gardner, Regional Sales Manger, was manning the booth this day accompanied by Paul Lipske of LOHR Distributing. We introduced as selves as usual as the biggest Ambassadors of Four Roses in the greater Kansas City area. Which of course we are. We had a nice chat with Dan and Paul and Dan then offered me a taste from behind the bar of the just released 2012 Single Barrel which is not yet available in KC. What a way to start the day as this was one great Bourbon. It had a big Bourbon flavor upfront and one of the smoothest finishes of any Bourbon I had ever consumed.
While chatting with Dan and Paul and continuing to enjoy Four Roses we were spotted by Mike Moley the Western Sales Mgr for LOHR who we had met at another Whisky event. While talking with Mike and singing the praises of Four Roses the subject turned to Rye Whisky. Mike invited us to another vendor, Pendleton Whisky from Hood River Distillers.
Mike introduced us to Kurt Boustead the Central Regional Sales Manger for Hood River Distillers and as we sampled the 1910 Rye and chatted about Whisky one thing that was clear was that Pendleton could produce a great Rye Whisky. (more to come on Pendleton Rye) Central Patti and I went back to our table and while I was sipping on my Rye, Central Patti went in search of Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey and returned with Fireball Whiskey. We sat for awhile enjoying the days entertainment provided by the 51% Blues Band, who provided some excellent entertainment this day.
While sitting I had spotted the Prichard's Tent and as my glass was empty headed that direction
I met Bob Miller of Blue Badger Enterprises who represented Prichards and we had a very nice chat on Whisky and Bob steered me to the Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon and as I tweeted last week, Finally a Tennessee Distillery got it right! Bob also introduced me to Terry Marshall, National Sales Manger for Prichards. It was nice meeting with both Bob and Terry. I moved back to our table and found Central Patti with an empty glass and she moved to the Wild Turkey Tent. I followed with our camera. ;)
The American Honey Girls

Our Swag from the day
We spent the rest of the Tour enjoying some other (some forgettable) Whisky's, however one I should not omit is Sam Houston Whiskey. I had to try it for reason's my regular followers will recognize.
We sat and smoked a Cigar and sipped he rest of the day away.
We even managed to win one of the Silent Auctions.
We always enjoy events like this and as it was a benefit for the KC Young Variety and the KC Fire Historical Society it was a great day for a great cause and we are looking forward to the KC Whiskey Tour 2013 Look at the FB Pics from this years events you might even recognize a few people. Cheers The Professor


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