IV Cocktails

I was sitting in a local watering hole a short time back enjoying many a cocktail with some barfly when he says to me

"You are really putting them away, you should just have all your drinks intravenously."

Hum, not a bad idea on the surface. I know they have been doing something similar with vitamins and the like, however I never really gave it a thought in terms of alcohol. While it is a funny thought, some internet research shows otherwise.

However to me it is not the idea of how dangerous this would be it is the simple fact that I like to drink. I like the taste of alcohol and cocktails as well as the social aspect of drinking and being in bars and pubs.

My sole purpose of imbibing is not to become inebriated, but to enjoy myself. So while this makes an interesting joke, not much practical aspect of this method of consuming alcohol.

And with that I see my glass is empty.

The Professor


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