Christmas Gift Ideas

Normally I do at least one post like this each Holiday Season, however this year I thought I would be a different spin on the article.

Having watched the Christmas Classic, "Christmas Vacation" for the last 25 years and probably over a thousand viewings I starting looking for things in the show I may have missed. This year while watching I have noticed all the Christmas Gift ideas the show gives us. Here are just a few:

10. Lingerie

This one is probably the most obvious in the entire movie and always a favorite and since there are plenty of shopping days left and my wife don't wear underwear it can be a dilemma.

9. A new saucer for the kids

Since Clark set a new amateur-recreational- saucer-sled land-speed record, the old one has seen better days.

8. A few more Moose Mugs

Because with Eddie, dogs and squirrels around it is only a matter of time before you will need them.

7. A good supply of stogies for Uncle Lewis

Every time he turns around he is lighting one, just keep him away from the tree oh and the sewer.

6. A meat thermometer for the turkey

This way you will not need a lot of gravy to eat it

5. A 12 pack of Meister Brau

After all it is a cheap gift option. However if you have a cousin like Eddie you might want to consider a new bath rob or a suite. I am not even going to get into the dickey.

4. More drop cords and surge proctectors

If nothing else then maybe a good smoke dector

3. A good selection of pool towels and guest swim trunks of various sizes.

No one wants to see your relatives run around like this

2. A good supply of Tylenol (or at the very least Jack Daniels)

1. And last but not least a copy of Christmas Vacation II

Or maybe not ;)

Happy Holidays
The Professor


  1. Are you suggesting that Old Number 7 and Tylenol are similar pain relievers? Now I know why I've never had to take Tylenol. J.H.

  2. Well if that works for you then more power to you ;) Cheers


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