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10 Items You Need for Your Home Bar

I ran across an article on line about this topic and for the most part I agreed. However I did have a few exceptions and additions. I also get asked this question very often by my group of Usual Suspects so here is my version of 10 things you need for your home bar.

1. Good Measuring Devices.

I really like the stainless variety with a jigger on one end and a 3/4 oz. on the other. I like have at least a couple on hand to make life easier. By measuring you also will make more enjoyable cocktails.

2. Pour Spouts.

Pour spouts not only make you look more professional, but will also speed up  your delivery.

3.  Ice

Whether you have an ice machine (the real best option) or you use ice cube molds it is imperative that you have an ample supply of ice. I have and really like the two types I show above as they are great in different cocktails and keep you drink from watering down.

3. Sodastream

I cannot count the number of people that I have started using this amazing product. You will always b…

An Alcoholic by Any Other Name is Just a Name

So I was sitting at MySideOfTheBar the other day having a cocktail and a nice chat with a chap sitting next to me. We both had ordered several drinks without actually saying much as the bartender must have seen us both as regulars.

After about my fourth order the guy next to me says, "Sir I believe you have a drinking problem."
I took a sip of my drink and thought about it for a minute when I said, "Well if I do you must also as you have been matching me almost drink for drink!"'

To which he replied, "I have been drinking Coke on the rocks."

Again I thought about what the guy was saying for a few minutes before I replied.

"I do drink a lot," I said, "However we first have to define a drinking problem before concluding thus."
Now I have always said that those of us who drink with a purpose do have some form of alcoholism. The separation of definitions to me is does your drinking cause any problems.

I went on to tell the guy I like to …

Bar Etiquette

Sitting here at MySideOfTheBar I was watching a local bartender at work and could not help but make some observations of my surroundings. Some people in the world should only do their drinking at home and leave the rest of us the hell alone. With that I came up with a few simple bar etiquette rules to live by as you go forth and imbibe.

First it is no secret that Central Patti and I prefer to sit right at the bar and not only observe the bartender du jour, but to also learn as we watch. Most bartenders enjoy you observing their craft and will even offer some advice and answer your questions. Keep in mind when doing this do not become a bother when they are busy, after all this is their lively hood. Wait for the brief lulls in the action and they engage them with thoughtful questions not just some nonsense banter.

Second, be prepared when the bartender ask what your having. If you have a go to drink you are set, or if you ask to see a cocktail menu that is great as well. But by all means…