10 Items You Need for Your Home Bar

I ran across an article on line about this topic and for the most part I agreed. However I did have a few exceptions and additions. I also get asked this question very often by my group of Usual Suspects so here is my version of 10 things you need for your home bar.

1. Good Measuring Devices.

I really like the stainless variety with a jigger on one end and a 3/4 oz. on the other. I like have at least a couple on hand to make life easier. By measuring you also will make more enjoyable cocktails.

2. Pour Spouts.

Pour spouts not only make you look more professional, but will also speed up  your delivery.

3.  Ice

Whether you have an ice machine (the real best option) or you use ice cube molds it is imperative that you have an ample supply of ice. I have and really like the two types I show above as they are great in different cocktails and keep you drink from watering down.

3. Sodastream

I cannot count the number of people that I have started using this amazing product. You will always be prepared for any type of mixer with this device and you can easily store dozens of different mixers in a very small amount of space.

4. Cocktail Shakers

I really prefer the type with the strainer built into the cap and all stainless versions. You can really chill a cocktail and both feel and see as you approach maximum cold. I would also recommend purchasing several of the exact same type so you do not need to be looking for a lid while have several orders in the pipe.

5. Fruit Squeezer

I have a couple of different types of these and thy are great for making any cocktail that calls for fruit juice. Remember fresh juice makes for a great cocktail.

6. Garnish Caddy

Never under estimate the need to garnish your drinks with fresh fruit. It will greatly improve your cocktails and add to the aesthetic value as well.

7.  Cocktail Spoon

Not only will a good cocktail spoon be functional when stirring Manhattans and Martinis, it will also look very professional.

8. Muddler

A muddler is essential for making Manhattans, Mojitos and Mint Juleps.

9. Copper Mugs

While this may not be essential, you will not believe all the individuals that enjoy a Moscow Mule will complain if their drink is not served in a copper mug.

10. Uniform Glass Ware

From shot glasses to martini glasses your drinks to those sitting at your side of the bar will be impressed if your glasses all match. Experiment a bit as you are out on the town to see what type you like using the best.

Well there you have it 10 items you should be stocking in your home bar. Of course there are many, many more, but you get the idea. All of these can be found on line doing just a little research.

The Professor


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