Bar Etiquette

Sitting here at MySideOfTheBar I was watching a local bartender at work and could not help but make some observations of my surroundings. Some people in the world should only do their drinking at home and leave the rest of us the hell alone. With that I came up with a few simple bar etiquette rules to live by as you go forth and imbibe.

First it is no secret that Central Patti and I prefer to sit right at the bar and not only observe the bartender du jour, but to also learn as we watch. Most bartenders enjoy you observing their craft and will even offer some advice and answer your questions. Keep in mind when doing this do not become a bother when they are busy, after all this is their lively hood. Wait for the brief lulls in the action and they engage them with thoughtful questions not just some nonsense banter.

Second, be prepared when the bartender ask what your having. If you have a go to drink you are set, or if you ask to see a cocktail menu that is great as well. But by all means if you are not prepared simply state that fact and let the bartender wait on other customers. By rule if you sit at the bar you will be waited on first, however if you pass on the first attempt of being served do not get upset if it takes a few minutes to get back to you.

Next, if you ask the bartender to prepare something as a surprise do not be rude if you do not like what you are served. Remember you asked for it so drink it and move on.

Keep your conversations to yourselves and do not talk so loud everyone in the joint can here your every conversation. I do not like it when people air their personal drama on social media and I also do not enjoy it when I have to listen to it in a pub.

When it comes to buying rounds if you offer to buy a round for your friends do not expect to have them buy you one in return. Proper etiquette dictates that you reciprocate, however do not expect it.

Last be sure you tip accordingly, these individuals who serve your earn from their tips and not from their hourly wages. If you receive good service, cocktails and conversation then tip accordingly.

Now go forth and enjoy and drink them if you got them

The Professor


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