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Walkabout 2012

About four years ago Kansas City did some reconstruction on Main Street by the Kansas City Library, Plaza branch. With the reconstruction of the street came several new businesses. Many of which were bars, bistros and pubs.

So on a nice Saturday, Central Patti and I set out to explore the area and sample some of the specialty drinks and food.  Thus Walkabout 2012 came into existence. Now if you follow this blog regularly you have head phrases like this before after all who could forget Bar Hopping and Shopping.

The first stop was Spin Neapolitan Pizza:

This was not what it appeared from the road. Spin was more of a high end Italian Delicatessen and had a large menu as well as many specialty Wines and Beers.  We opted for a Peroni Beer and a glass of their Sangria. I have enjoyed Peroni for a long time and we are well versed in Sangria, both here did not disappoint. They had a great outside patio on the street and it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Next stop, The Peanut, Kansas C…