Walkabout 2012

About four years ago Kansas City did some reconstruction on Main Street by the Kansas City Library, Plaza branch. With the reconstruction of the street came several new businesses. Many of which were bars, bistros and pubs.

So on a nice Saturday, Central Patti and I set out to explore the area and sample some of the specialty drinks and food.  Thus Walkabout 2012 came into existence. Now if you follow this blog regularly you have head phrases like this before after all who could forget Bar Hopping and Shopping.

The first stop was Spin Neapolitan Pizza: 

This was not what it appeared from the road. Spin was more of a high end Italian Delicatessen and had a large menu as well as many specialty Wines and Beers.  We opted for a Peroni Beer and a glass of their Sangria. I have enjoyed Peroni for a long time and we are well versed in Sangria, both here did not disappoint. They had a great outside patio on the street and it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Next stop, The Peanut, Kansas City’s oldest bar and grill. As soon as we fought our way past the smokers just outside the door and entered we knew we were home. This was a true dive bar and as you know I use that term with the utmost respect. A dive bar is a bar that from the moment you first sit down you feel as if you are at home. You can wear old blue jeans and tee shirts and be at home. Not to mention the menu is generally loaded with awesome burgers, fries, wings and nachos. Oh yea, and the Peanut was not an exception to this rule. Needless to say The Peanut will be one of our usual hangouts in the future

Right up the block was building that previously housed a pub that I had blogged about in the past, The Jack Gage. However that pub had closed and a new one was in the same location.

The Beacon, a Kansas City Tavern has the same feel as you walk in the door as the old establishment and the same friendly greeting. They have a very small outside patio where we choose a table ordered a few cocktails and decided it was time for a snack.  The menu was very broad and we opted for the Crispy Portabella Fries and were not disappointed. The fries had a dusting of parmesan cheese and a red pepper aioli which made them seasoned just perfect.

The weather stared to look a little ominous so we decided we should exit the patio and head to the next stop on the walkabout.

We had originally thought about heading for Westport to some familiar watering holes, but as we walked to started to sprinkle a little harder so we dropped in to the Season’s 52 Grill for a drink and wait out the rain. 

I have blogged about the Seasons 52 before and we have frequented this establishment often. We ordered a round and started a light conversation with the bartender.  Central Patti had spotted an infusion jar filled with strawberry’s and we had to see what type of Martini they offered this infusion with.  After listing many, the bartender gave both of us an ample sample and I will have to say, they were very good just as they were. I am going to have to give this a try at MySideOfTheBar.

After a couple more rounds the rain had stopped so out the door we went and with a small detour to the Black and White Store and the Armani Exchange we were off to Westport for a drink and to pick up some Cigars.
We stopped first at Harpo’s, a pub we visit often. Harpo’s has one of the largest patios in KC and a great menu.

Each night they have a different special and I have on my bucket list a week of eating at Harpo’s. Besides the menu Harpo’s also serves their well drinks in huge cups and you actually get a double with each drink as they do NOT skimp on the alcohol.

What I cannot figure out is why is the Beer so much smaller than the Vodka Tonic?

Next stop was right across the street to my favorite KC Tobacco Shop, Fidel’s. 

The original plan was to simply pick up a couple of sticks from my humidor and head home to grill out and enjoy the cigars. We as they say the best laid plans of mice and men. We bumped into several of Fidel’s “Usual Suspects” and ran into a Cigar and Cognac party. Our good friend D. had an excellent bottle of Cognac and so three hours later we decided we have better find somewhere to have dinner. A special thanks to D. for the Cuban Cohiba he gave me.

We headed back to the Plaza and one of our favorite watering holes, Tom Fooleries (yes the same Tom Fooleries known for the now favorite Bacon Peanut Butter Burger). 

After crawling for about 10 hours we were, to say the least, starving. The one great thing about Tom Fooleries is that they have specials all day during different time slots. For example on Saturdays, they have 5 dollar burgers from 11-4. Then they start another happy hour at four with excellent appetizer specials. They also have a late night happy hour so this seemed a great spot to have dinner. A few more drinks and a couple of burgers later we were about done for the day so it was off home for a night cap or two or three or six.

Another great day in KC 7 stops  and 5 miles and Walkabout 2012 was finished! Was a new tradition born? Well you will have to keep following MySideOfTheBar to see.

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