The Key West Cocktail Challenge

Recently we were on the road with MySideOfTheBar in Key West with a couple of "Unusual Suspect" friends of ours. As you might expect we were in a bar when A.S. found a brochure for the Key West Cocktail Challenge.

Also as you might expect we took up the challenge. The premise was easy, visit 6 participating bars, enjoy their signature cocktail and you get a T-Shirt. You can visit them in any order and take as long as you need to. (you could even do it in 6 days, but...) I am not going to try to describe each bar as you can follow the links to see and learn more.

The first stop was The Green Parrot Bar. The Green Parrot is an open air old school bar that I absolutely loved. Their signature drink was Root Beer Barrel and at least two of us liked it ;)

Stop two took us to Charlie Mac's and beside the great Signature Drink, it is also a BBQ joint. We only had the chicken wings, however they were awesome. The drink here was the Huckleberry Lemonade and I have to say I was stunned how much I enjoyed it.

After enjoying our wings and drink someone said "On to the Next" and we were off to Island Dogs Bar. We had been to Island Dogs on at least one other occasion and had a great meal. I can not say the same about their Key Lime Martini. I believe I make better ones.

However, we had a nice time and this open air bar is worth a visit.

About now we wanted to have a cigar so we decided to run back to the condo for a smoke a shower and regroup for dinner.

That brought us to stop 4, The Half Shell. Their signature drink was an Oyster Shooter and we all loved it. Their shrimp po boy and hog fish are most excellent along with their patio a good time was had by all.

We ran into a snag at the next stop as it closes early (9:00 P.M.) I thought this odd until I realized this was the home of the world famous Turtle Races and I guess the Turtles have a curfew. So we headed to the next stop realizing our T-Shirts would have to wait another day to be awarded.

Stop 5 was The Rum Barrel Bar and Grill and as you might imagine it was a Rum Bar. However what I was not expecting was that it was also a Philadelphia Eagle bar and as you may also have guessed it was packed. The Signature Drink was the, what else, The Rum Barrel.

One thing you may not know about Key West is you can carry and enjoy your drinks waling the streets and even carry a drink from one bar into the next. So to avoid the crowd out into the wild we went.

The next day we went back to the one bar we missed the previous day, Turtle Kraals. Yes we did manage to catch the turtle races (more on that at a later time) and really enjoyed their Signature drink, The Key Lime Margarita.

After the races we were awarded our shits

and  off  we went in search of the next Key West adventure. You would not be surprised would you if it ended in a bar or cigar shop?

One last thought, did you know chickens ran wild on the streets of Key West? One even walked into a bar we were visiting. You can finish the joke yourself.

The Professor


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