The Gift of Whiskey

As the holiday party time of year is now upon us I thought a question by a loyal reader would be good to address at this time.

The reader made a statement about a recent gift he was given by some friends. This particular reader is a Jamisen Drinker and his friends gave  him, well a bottle of Jamesons. His question was should the friends (who know he drinks lots of Whiskey) give him his standby or go outside the box and try a different type.

I pondered the question for a couple of minutes and said that he was asking a question that really had not correct or wrong answers.

From my point of view as a Four Roses Drinker I can never have enough Four Roses in my rolling stock. Also you never know what type of Whiskey I have tried so it would be difficult to try and surprise me. (although any Whiskey gift is a good gift)

On the other hand if you know the person drinks a particular brand you might consider giving a gift of a different type of that brand.

It also would not matter if you  did try to go outside the box and attempt a guess at another type of Whiskey.

So as you see there really is not right or wrong answer and the important thing in the end is you get to drink Whiskey.

The Professor


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