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O'Dowd's Gastrobar?


So last summer I was bragging to a couple of the "Usual Suspects" about O'Dowd's Irish Pub here on the beautiful K.C. Plaza. We have been frequenting this establishment for more years that I care to recall. On this one particular day when I was full of hope for the newbies, I found it to be closed for remodeling.

Keep in mind that the original Irish Pub was transported piece by piece from Ireland and at one time rankled as one of the top ten Irish Pubs in the U.S.

Well last Saturday Central Patti and I finally went inside to check it out. While the atmosphere was very sterile compared to the old antique look, it was definitely more spacious and warm.

We went up to the upstairs deck for a couple of V.T's and to have a cigar. It was a beautiful day so we asked for a menu to look it over. All of the standbys (boxty's, shepherds pie, fish and chips etc.) They also added many new items. We choose a few from the appetizer list: Parmesan zucchini chips, roasted…

Bacon Bloody Mary Mix

As usual they had me at bacon

A couple of weeks back I was in the liquor store and stumbled across Ol' Major Bacon Bloody Mary Mix. So naturally I had to take it back to the lab and give it a try. WOW! Without a doubt this is the best mix I have every stumbled across. Very much bacon! The only thing I could recommend is maybe adding a little hot sauce. However, be careful and not choose a hot sauce that has very defined characteristics. I used just a simple ghost hot sauce to give it a little spice. I also found that this same company has a bacon bourbon that I am going to give a try this weekend.

Speaking of a little spice I also tried this Bloody Mary Mix about the same time

Hot Pepper Bloody Mary Mix is as advertised, HOT! I recommend using just a splash with other ingredients as shown here.

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