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Hermann, Missouri’s Wine Country

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time! Yes I am talking about the wonderful old German Community of Hermann Missouri. So let’s start with the best of times shall we?

The day started by boarding the Amtrak in K.C. and as usual Amtrak delivered. The cost, $20.00 to get to Hermann and $20.00 to get home! Yes that is right, for the small price it was $40.00 round trip from K.C. to Hermann Missouri and I am not sure I could have driven the 3 hours for that price. Also as usual Amtrak was a great ride with comfortable, spacious seating and you can even carry your own cooler on the train! (Thank you again S. and C. O.) That means and I am sure you guessed it, MySideOfTheBar was once again riding the rails! We sat back and had a few drinks and in a few short hours we were in the wonderful community of Hermann, MO.

You may ask, why in September as the October fest is only a few short weeks away? Well we have been there in October at least four times and all I can compare it to Ne…

The Reluctant Hero Part IV

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The Reluctant Hero Part IV

As Terrell was climbing back into the boat he said,

“How about taking lunch to the girls?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” I replied.

We went into the boats galley and Terrell produced two soft-side coolers and said,

“Grab a couple of bottles of White Bordeaux from the wind fridge,” as he loaded the coolers with cheese, olives, pate`, fruit and a loaf of French bread. We loaded the lunch and ourselves onto the remaining Sea-Doo and to shore we went. As we coasted to the beach we noticed the girls were sitting in the shade, still topless drinking Heinekens, both with the beginnings of a great tan.

“We brought lunch,” I said, “anyone hungry?”

“Wonderful,” replied Patti, “we were just beginning to wonder about eating.”

Terrell laid out a blanket and took out a cutting board with a couple of knives and began to prepare lunch.

“Would you pop the cork on o…