The Reluctant Hero Part IV

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The Reluctant Hero Part IV

As Terrell was climbing back into the boat he said,

“How about taking lunch to the girls?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” I replied.

We went into the boats galley and Terrell produced two soft-side coolers and said,

“Grab a couple of bottles of White Bordeaux from the wind fridge,” as he loaded the coolers with cheese, olives, pate`, fruit and a loaf of French bread. We loaded the lunch and ourselves onto the remaining Sea-Doo and to shore we went. As we coasted to the beach we noticed the girls were sitting in the shade, still topless drinking Heinekens, both with the beginnings of a great tan.

“We brought lunch,” I said, “anyone hungry?”

“Wonderful,” replied Patti, “we were just beginning to wonder about eating.”

Terrell laid out a blanket and took out a cutting board with a couple of knives and began to prepare lunch.

“Would you pop the cork on one of those bottles of wine,” he said? While handing me a corkscrew.

“Yep, no problem,” I said.

I poured the four of us a glass and as I handed them to the girls I could not help but notice their nice tan breasts. So tan in fact their nipples began to look like they were chocolate.

The four of use lunched in the shade and Nicki and Terrell decided to go for a walk and I dozed in the shade with Patti. I awoke about an hour later when Patti attempted to put her hands in my shorts. We made love in the shade of the tree not worry about anything, not even that Nicki and Terrell may be within eye sight, or ear shot or return at any moment.

After we both dozed for 20 minutes or so and then decided to go for a swim. We did not even bother to put our clothes back on. After the swim we dried ourselves on the warm sand in the rays of the sun. We saw Nicki and Terrell walking up the beach both as naked as we were. Seeing the two of them au natural made us less conscious and I imagined the two of them may have spent a couple of hours just like we had.

The four of us sat sunning ourselves and chatting idly about nothing in particular. As the afternoon turned to evening Terrell said,

“Hows about we grill out on the beach tonight?” I brought some chicken and the fixings for a nice salad.”

“Sounds great,” we both replied in unison.

“Lets gather as much drift wood as we can and if we do not find enough I have some charcoal on the boat,” said Terrell.

“Wait, scratch that, you and Nicki gather the wood and Patti and I will toss the salad and marinate the chicken,” Terrell countered.

Now I am not sure if a wave of modesty came over me or if it was just the fact that I was promoted to fire starter and was worrying about what I might burn in the process, but I decided to slip back into my swim shorts. Unfortunately this started a chain reaction as the girls also slipped back into their bikinis. After which Terrell said,

“Now that everyone else is dressed I feel naked,” and he too put his suit back on.

It wasn’t long before Nicki and I had a nice fire going and Terrell and Patti returned from the boat with a grill rack, chicken and the salad. We positioned the grill across the coals resting it on a couple of larger pieces of driftwood. Terrell added some charcoal and we all enjoyed some wine along with some of the leftover cheese from lunch waiting for the fire to burn down to coals for grilling.

After eating the chicken and a nice salad we had some nice port and I thought what a perfect end to a perfect day. There was a magnificent sunset happening and you could tell no one wanted the day to end.

Terrell said,

“How about we just spend the night here around the fire?” I have some blankets and sleeping bags on the boat.”

Patti and I stared at each other a little hesitantly, but Nicki said in a reassuring voice,

“We stay here overnight a lot.”

“Very well,” I said.

“Ok, Nicki and I will take the See-Doo back and get the gear while you two find more wood for the fire.”

So off Patti and I went gathering firewood.

“What a great day this has bee and what a great week we have ahead,” I stated. “Any idea what the plans are for the rest of the week?” I asked.
“Not entirely,” Patti replied, “But Nicki did say that Terrell had some business to take care of later tomorrow and would be gone for the evening.”

“Okdokey,” I said, “I am sure we can find plenty to do at their place if only sitting in the sun drinking.”

To which Patti only replied, “Yep, my idea of another great day.”

Yes, another day in paradise and a great day indeed, but I was to learn shortly that everything comes with a price.

This is Part 4 of the Reluctant Hero, the continuing Adventures of the Professor and Central Patti. Look for Part 5 coming in October and do not forget to continue to follow MySideOfTheBar for more information on all things related to, well My Side of the Bar.



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